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Happy Monday, dolls!
How was your weekend?
Mine was crazy busy.  Some of you may remember last year that my uncle Joe moved up here last summer — I asked for cards for what was to be his last birthday.  Well, he went through more chemo, and guess what?  He’s still with us.  So this past weekend we celebrated his 65th birthday.  I planned a surprise party and had his daughter and his siblings come up from California.  A good surprise.  But lots of on-the-go.  Unfortunately at his appointment 2 months ago they said the chemo was no longer working and that he now has 8-12 months to live.  So this probably was his last birthday.  But you never know.  Miracles happen every day, right?

So how about a little card today.  This was published in the May issue of CARDs magazine. 
Enjoy.  Yeah, that.  Enjoy the every day.  Enjoy the simple things.  One thing I am enjoying lately is my daughter’s laugh.  She’s got this big belly laugh.  It’s so funny that you can’t help but keep laughing because of the laugh.  And my son.  That kid drives me batty.  While we were deep-cleaning the house looking for my daughter’s lost iPhone (which we found in my son’s messy room like 6 days later), my son decided that I had too many shoes and that I should have his shoe hanger thingy.  My shoes won’t fit in it by the way, but that’s neither here nor there.  I came home from work last week and there are all these nails on one of the walls in my room.  He nailed holes in the freakin’ wall in his efforts to hang up the shoe hanger thingy.  Which my shoes will not fit in.  Ah, I love those kids.

Something else I am enjoying lately?  Kirkland “diet” shakes.  You know, from Costco.  I am on a serious weight-loss mission.  Probably will be ’til the day I die.  I have had some success, but after the first 50 pounds, I am sort of stuck in a rut.  Not motivated.  Don’t want to get out and move because of the heat, etc.  Well I like and do well with a shake for lunch at the office.  But I haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t taste “diety” – you know what I mean?  Tried the Kirkland ones – and for reals, aside from the fact that it’s not a burger and fries, you cannot tell it’s a diet drink.  It’s pretty dang good.  Delectable even.

What are you enjoying lately?


3 Responses to Enjoy.

  1. Monika/buzsy

    Glad your uncle is still with you. He must have had a wonderful time with his family. You are such a nice niece!
    Lovely card. The colors are so pretty.. and I love the little pocket with those awesome tags.

  2. Michele aka Derbylea

    Aw kids gotta love them! I did slimfast way back in the day and I did so well until one day about 4 months in I woke up and COULD NOT drink the shake. could not. never had another. Been on plenty more diets though. I exercise 4x a week and watch what I eat but I still got plenty of chunk. Must work harder I tell myself…

  3. Marybeth

    Hi Michelle, thought I better check in on you and see how you are doing! What a great time for me to come to your post and see that your uncle is still Alive! I sent him a card way back when. It’s all in Gods hands.
    Kids are the best …..I know sometimes not…:)
    Wow 50 lbs that a lot of weight …good for you ! Keep it up unless you are getting to thin!
    Love your cute card!
    I am enjoying the fact that we started walking again…it was so hot though last night.
    Take care!

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