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Happy Halfway-There Day!
I took the day off to celebrate my son’s 11th birthday.  If one of my kids’ birthdays falls on a M-F, I take the day off and spend it with them taking them to score all their birthday freebies: free milkshakes, donuts, breakfast, lunch, etc.  There are so many birthday freebies out there!  He wants to go see Smurfs 2, so we’ll go do that later today too.  And then tonight we’ll have the family over for homemade pizza and crockpot lasagna.  I also am making him an ice cream cake – I’ll share if that turns out well.  *fingers crossed*  Should be a really fun and yummy day.

I don’t have a birthday card to share today.  But I do have this little congrats card that I had published in the May issue of CARDs magazine.  I haven’t gotten it back yet, and he’s already “graduated” to junior high this year, so I’m not sure what I’ll use this for.  Maybe if he gets a good grade, or does well in band or something like that.  But it has to be this year obviously.


Hope this week is a good one for you!

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