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Do you have a garden?  If so, I envy you.  Back when we were newly-married all those years ago, we had this great little rental house that had a gynormous garden spot.  And we grew tomatoes and peppers and zucchini and pumpkins and more.  We had some great summers there.  And then when we bought our house, we loved it so much we never thought to think about the way it faces and will it get sun and could we grow a garden.  And after about 10 years of mostly-failed gardens, we’ve realized that our backyard just does not get enough sun for a garden to flourish.  So I really rely on the folks at the office who bring in their surplus bounty in order to enjoy great homegrown summer harvests.

This card was published in the June issue of CARDs magazine.  And the sentiment makes me giggle.  Especially the “and you get tomatoes” part.


And yes – we found my daughter’s iPhone (mentioned in this story here).  It went missing on Tuesday, and we just found it Sunday night – in my son’s messy room.  😐

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