Outdoor Adventure.

Posted by Michelle on August 20th, 2013 . Filed under: Cards, Published Work, Simple Stories .

I can’t believe summer is almost over, and school is starting next week!  Crazy.  Hopefully we’ll get out and enjoy the great outdoors at least a few more times this year.  We bought a trailer a few years ago, and I’ll tell you what, coming home on a Friday and seeing it parked on the side of the house with the fam waiting for me so that we can get on the road – the best end to the week.


This should come as no surprise to any of you regulars around these parts, but I’m all about the food when it comes to camping (and everything else).  Thick bacon, hash browns, and eggs.  That’s a typical Saturday morning camping breakfast for us.  Grubbin’.

Camping breakfast

Afternoon snack.  Gosh I love cherries in the summahtime.


I might like s’mores more than I like cherries though.  I like mine with 2 marshmallows – extra messy, extra melty, extra goooood.

Summer s'more.

A little outdoor adventure card that I had published in the July issues of CARDs magazine.


I hope you’re getting out and enjoying the last good bits of summer.

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