Adventures in Couponing.

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I’ll tell you what, this little Gillette coupon has got some mileage to it.  The coupon is for $6 off 3 Gillette shaving prep items.  The small ones at Walmart are only $1.27, so 3 of them = $3.81.  And then you take off the $6 which earns $2.19 overage for every 3.  And I had 4 more coupons this week, so that earned me $8.76 towards the rest of my grocery order.


So moneymaking shaving creams, bath sponges were 87-cents and I had $1 coupons, so I made 13-cents on those.  And then the crayons were free too.

012 copy

Walmart (and a lot of other stores) price matches.  So I brought in the Rite Aid ad for free crayons, and they matched it.

013 copy

La Victoria tortillas were $1.78, I had $1 coupons which made them 78-cents.  But my overage went towards paying for these.  As well as the Uncle Bens’ which were $1 each, I had coupons for $1-off-3 which made them 67-cents each, but again, my overage had me covered.  And just so that I didn’t let any of that overage go to waste, I got some star pasta.  All this, plus the stuff up there cost me 82-cents out of pocket.

005 copy

I had some coupons for $1 off Shredded Wheat, and Walgreens had a smaller size box for $1, so I picked these up for free.  The Bic highlighters which will be for teacher gifts were 79-cents each, less a $1.50-off-2 coupon that I had made them 4-cents each.  But I had a couple of dollars left on a gift card that I had gotten for transferring a prescription to Walgreens, so this didn’t cost me anything either.

018 copy

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