4th Grade.

Posted by Michelle on September 17th, 2013 . Filed under: American Crafts, Cards, School .

Kids can be so cruel.
My daughter started 4th grade this year.  Same school.  Same schoolmates.  Nothing new really.  Except for it seems that the girls have become more catty.  They are making fun of her hair – telling her that it looks like her mamma cut it.  {I did – LOL – the bangs aren’t that crooked ;)}   And that she’s gained weight over the summer.  {She did, but she’s not “fat.”}  Anyway.  The beginning of the school year has not been nice to my sweet bebe girl.  And my heart aches for her.  She is so outgoing and strong, and to hear her tell me it makes her sad just brings me to tears.

So, this little card will be going in to her backpack with some reassurance that she’s a beautiful, smart and over-loved little girl who means the world to me and her daddy.
P.S.  My husband fixed my sewing machine.  The dog something switch was turned on/off.  So we’re back in the stitchin’ business!  🙂


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  1. AnnaWas

    Michelle- My daughter experienced some similar issues last year with the girls being catty in 5th grade. Like you I told my daughter to hold her head high and be kind. Well it worked for her and she is a stronger and even more beautiful than ever. This year has been so different because her true friends have really shined through and the girls that bothered her can’t figure out why everyone likes her, especially the boys! I know it is hard to see through the trees…..but this too will pass. Thinking of you!

  2. leslie (crookedstamper)

    What a lovely card! I think she’ll love that you snuck it in there, and that you are there for her. This, too, shall pass, and she will be stronger, and more beautiful, for it. xo

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