Happy Birthday.

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* woop woop *
Today is my birthday!
I’m super old.  So we won’t go in to the digits.


But the good thing is that my daughter’s soccer team is on a bye this week, and no BSU game to go to today either, so it’s a super chill day.  At least until this afternoon.  Because come 3 o’clock, I’ll be at the salon gettin’ my hair all did up and getting my make-up done too as my husband and I are going to the Bieter Ball.  Fancy-schmancy mayor’s ball celebrating Boise’s 150th anniversary.  And then NEXT Saturday we’ll celebrate my birthday with the husband cooking a special dinner for me – straight from things that I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  The kids will bake me a cake – I just want a plain yellow box cake with Hershey’s milk chocolate frosting.  With nothing on top. Last year they busted in to my baking drawer and dumped all kinds of jimmies and sprinkles and whatever else on it, and it was not only ugly – but it was so not pleasant to eat because it was all crunchy-crunch and that is so not what I want in a cake.  But I totally appreciate the love and fun that goes in to it.

So here’s to another year for me!


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  1. terriavidreader


  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Happy Birthday Michelle!! Enjoy your day!! Sounds wonderful!!

  3. Laura Southam

    Happy Birthday Michelle! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day x

  4. Michele aka Derbylea

    Happy belated birthday to you Michelle!

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