Halloween Treats for the Teachers.

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I’ve been off work all week spending time with my college bestie who has been visiting me from California.  Great, long overdue visit.  Today is her last day here and we are going to have donut burgers for lunch, and then we’ll be having fondue night for dinner.  And then tomorrow, the fat train is back up on the tracks.  Whew.  Amazing how long it takes for weight to come off and how it comes back with a quickness.  Anywhoooo…..

Today’s post is the full post that I had up over at Blissful and Domestic earlier this week.  There are a couple of thrifty mamma blogs that I enjoy, and Miss Danielle’s is one of them.

First off we’ll start with the treat.  I’m a couponer, and this is a small trip to Walgreens where I used coupons to get Halloween candy for cheap.  The m&ms were on sale for 49-cents each, and I had coupons for B2G1 which made them 33-cents each.  {Similar deal on the Snickers, and the Colgates were free.}  I decided that the m&ms were going to be used for teacher treats.


I started off with a pad of Halloween patterned paper that I had left over from last year.


And then I went through my craft supplies to see what else I had that was black and/or Halloweeny.


I pulled out these little black sacks that I had in my stash as they would be just the right size to house the m&ms.


I cut the patterned paper to fit on the face of the black sacks.


And then I added some adhesive to the bottom flap of the sack to fold up and make a pouch.


Cute, eh?


And then I adhered the patterned paper to the front of the sacks.


Even more cute.


Then I took the transparencies and glued them inside of the bags so that there would be a good portion hanging out the top behind the candy.


And I made teacher name labels with my old skool Dymo labeler.


I used a gel pen and faux-stitched around the outside of the patterned paper to brighten it up a bit and get some more white in there to go with the white on the m&m package.


And then I tied some ribbon around them, adhered the little tin badge to the center of the bow, and finished it off with some colorful pins.






And now we savor the image of what these looked like when they were made because we know that once my son carts them off to school in his backpack, kicks them around on the bus, and shoves them in to his locker, they are not going to be near as pretty when they make it to the teacher’s desk.  That’s if they make it there at all.  I’m hoping he’ll remember to give them to them at least before Christmas *giggles*

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  1. Monika/buzsy

    These are so sweet and spooky! LOVE the buttons and the ribbons. Wish you could take me with you on one of your shopping trips! I still can’t see how you get FREE stuff. Enjoy your weekend!

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