Quick & Easy {hostess} gift packaging.

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Today I’m sharing a couple of hostess gifts I took to my boss’ house when we went there for dinner this past weekend.  I always always always take a hostess gift when invited somewhere.  There’s an Irish saying (I’m not Irish) about going to someone’s home that says:  you never go in with one arm shorter than the other.  That’s to say that one arm should be longer because it has a gift in-hand.  There’s your culture lesson for the day.  You’re welcome.

If the person has children, I like to do something for them as well.  My boss has a little girl who does ballet.  So I got her a little ballerina water bottle and a ballerina necklace.  Odd shape for the bottle was going to be a problem for wrapping, so I decided just to package it in an aqua polka dot bigger bitty bag from Whisker GraphicsThis pink frosting bag actually matched perfectly, but I didn’t have a small one to go with, so I went with the aqua.

009 copy

I used an aqua polka dot little bitty bag to house the necklace, as well as to sort of be my tag.  I just topped it with some patterned paper, stamped a to, and spelled out her name in stickers.  Oh what’s that?  Gold metallic Divine Twine  {swoon}

016 copy

The final product is kinda wonky because of the shape of that water bottle.  Unfortunately not everything can be square or small  😉

041 copy

{still swooning}

019 copy

For my boss, I got her a set of paper plates and napkins of the college football team she roots for.  Again, an odd-size gift.  So my plan was just to make a tag, tie a ribbon around and call it good.  But I have to show you my tag.  I just love it.  I found this deck of old over-sized playing cards at the antique shoppe, and it’s in the same red/white/black as the plates, so I just stamped a to/from along with our names in Dymo tape and my tag was done.

035 copy

Tied some chunky red and white striped ribbon around it, and it was that easy.

070 copy

Oh hey, they also make it in silver. 🙂

079 copy

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  2. Jennifer L

    Nice gifts! The packaging looks great.

  3. Monika/buzsy

    Awesome packaging! Especially love the playing card tag with that beautiful ribbon!

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