Thank you.

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This year has been some sort of emotional awareness change thing for me.  I can’t even accurately express it.
Taking care of my uncle, and his subsequent death.
My brother’s car accident.
Reconnecting and staying in touch with my father’s sister in Mississippi.
Letting some grudges go that I was holding on to for no good reason.
Allowing myself to make new friends and really appreciating and embracing the caring for me.
Being OK with a friendship that ended where I felt I was the only one who ever gave.
Working on my weight and going public with Whole30, and the support I received there.
Yesterday I had knee surgery and the outpouring of love and support brings me to tears.  Outpouring is such a big word.  But really and truly.  From the most unexpected places and people.
I find myself staring at the sky over tree tops and getting misty at the beauty before me.
In spite of the things that I’ve had going on this year, I have to say, the end result for me personally, in my heart, has been really really good.
Holy ramble.
I’m sending out more cards too.  And I can’t wait to send this thank-you out to someone super special.  I’m trying to be more like her, and with this whole change in myself, I’m finding it so easy to be more caring, supportive, sweet.  Me, sweet.  LOL
I still have my spunk as my boss called it the other day.  But man, it really does feel so good to be happy and positive and caring.
By the way – I am taking a boatload of Oxycodone every 3 hours post surgery, so if I said too much, we’ll go ahead and blame it on that – ha!





Hey – tomorrow is Friday!

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