{Not my} Favorite {day}.

Posted by Michelle on June 1st, 2014 . Filed under: American Crafts, Cards .

Holy hat, how did it become June already?!
Well, I have to tell you, I am writing this whilst locked in my room.  My husband and my Godson, and my kids (off and on) are painting the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the hallway.  I chose the colors at Lowe’s yesterday – a more yellowy beige and a definite yellow for a couple of accent walls.  So this morning they were taping and prepping and all that stuff, and I was sitting at my craft table all giddy making 4th of July stuff, and I hear the most incredible glass crashing sound ever.  And like it wouldn’t stop.  Like an earthquake hit and all the pretties in an antique shoppe are gradually falling from the shelves.  I sit and absorb and then my son rushes in almost in tears to tell me that all the stuff in the hutch is broken.  I am frozen.  I walk out there – and there’s STILL breaking, crashing glass.  The hutch is in two pieces (supposed to be, a top and a bottom), and my husband pushed it too hard, far, whatever, and it started to fall and all the things that were in it – MY CHINA AND MY CRYSTAL – came crashing out.  Ohhhh my heart, my heart….  They couldn’t even look at me.  I started crying and came back here and cried and cried.  Yes, I know, material things.  But material things that took us 18 years or something to buy and collect.  Ohhhh my heart!  So.  Yeah.  That’s my day. 
Oh, and the yellowy beige is far more yellow than I thought it was going to be.  So there’s that too.

And here’s a card.





3 Responses to {Not my} Favorite {day}.

  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    Oh Michelle my heart is breaking for you!!

  2. terriavidreader

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. Accidents to happen but when it messes with things that are precious, well…. luckily it sounds like no one was hurt with flying glass!

  3. Michele aka Derbylea

    Oh no no no!!! I am so sorry. I would be just gutted. I hate when things like that happen. My son recently dumped a full bottle of water on my laptop. Gut wrenching.

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