Birthday Banners.

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* woo, it’s been a busy week! *
My daughter’s birthday was on Tuesday.  My son had baseball games on Wednesday and Saturday.  The in-laws arrived on Thursday.  Grandma Susan’s birthday was on Friday.  And Grandma Mary’s birthday is today.  Lots of prepping, gabbing, cleaning, shopping, and cooking going on around here.  And remember, this is all with me 2 weeks out of knee surgery.  So I have to break up my standing times, do a lot of things sitting – but not for long with a bent knee – and then there’s times where I just sit on the couch with my leg up and just bark orders.  I’m good at that part 😉  But it’s all fun, and all good.

Today I’m sharing the birthday banners I made for my daughter’s birthday.  I love making banners, they are right up there on my list with cards.
Love love love making them.

This first banner I made way back in January.  I had ordered these pre-made kraft banners and wanted to make something with them right away.  So I pulled out some old books and some pre-made white paper doilies.



They were super blasé, so I brought out these big, old playing cards that I had purchased at the antique shoppe (also where I get the old books) and glued those to the backs.


And added some red tickets for more color – and fun.



I’ve used up most of the “good” letters from this chipboard letter pack, so I just added them in random.



I’ve always wanted to try some of those shimmery sprays, and I had a bottle of Heidi Swapp’s Color Swap Iridescent Spritz, so I sprayed that on my finished pieces.



And then a couple of weeks ago I made another banner that was more birthday looking, and enlisted the help of my son.  He punched all the little birthday cakes, and more vintage bookprint circles (to go with the first banner).

photo 22222222 copy

I took those pieces and ran them through the sewing machine along with some cupcake papers.

photo 222222222 copy

And then we hung them across the dining room windows….

photo 2222222222 copy

photo 22222222222 copy

photo 222222222222222 copy

….and sang Happy Birthday!


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  1. ~amy~

    How fun! Love the banners and great birthday picture:)

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Thanks for sharing your banners Michelle! I have made a two before using bags love the ideas you shared! Hope the Tea Party yesterday was great! Happy Sunday!

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