4th of July banner.

Posted by Michelle on July 1st, 2014 . Filed under: Banners, Hazel & Ruby, Patriotic .

It’s July 1st! – half the year is in the books.  And truth be told, I am not too interested in looking back.  I am so ready for the next half of the year.  Kicking it off with the 4th of July and all the festivities, food, fun, and fireworks.
I saw this fun 4th of July printable over on Hazel & Ruby and printed it out because I knew the circles would be perfect for a 4th of July banner.  I think their intent was for cupcake toppers, but I don’t think they’ll mind 😉

I’m on a serious banner kick lately.  They are so easy to put together.  For this one, I punched my circles from the Hazel & Ruby free printable, and then I also punched stars out of the water bottle tags (oops), and then pulled out some coordinating doilies, tickets, and cupcake papers.


I had an order of what I was going to sew them in, and I stuck to that for like 2 rounds and then I just went all random.  Because sometimes random is more fun than all rigid and perfect-like.  And I just fed them through the sewing machine.



And now our fun little banner is hanging in the dining room ready to celebrate the 4th!






Happy July!

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