Adventures in couponing.

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Happy Sunday, Girls!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my Sunday coupon posts.  I got a little behind when I went to California last month, but now I am back on track and in the game.  And it’s been an exhausting week.  Albertsons went from having doublers for 3-days and then immediately after they had an entire week of round-ups.  I was skeptical about the round-ups at first, but I stand corrected and can say now that I {heart} the round-ups bunches!  Alrighty – – so here we go with the breakdown…..

I’m starting with this Rite Aid deal.  I don’t shop Rite Aid.  It’s not convenient for me, and I just don’t really care for that store – I prefer Walgreen’s.  However, this deal was too good to not get in on, and there is a Rite Aid close to my office, so I ran over there at lunch one day and scored this.  They were having a promo where the candy you see below were each 2/$5.  Buy (10) total and it’s $25.  There was a coupon on their website for $5 off a $25 purchase.  That takes your cost down to $20.  For every (1) bag, a $1 reward PLUS a $2 reward printed out.  Yeah.  So for spending $20, I got THIRTY DOLLARS back.  HELLO!!  So I did it again – LOL  So I got (20) bags of candy….for nothing, and I still have $10 left to spend there.  Is that a hot deal or what?  As a side note – I went back with my $10, (2) more times, and both deals that should have happened did not.  A complete train wreck.  So unless it’s another smokin’ hot dealio, I will not be going back to Rite Aid.   I’m a hassle-free-coupon kinda girl 😉


Which is why I {heart} me some Albertsons.  We’ll start with what I am calling “the money shot” – because it was all free.  Yup.  I had coupons for $2 off any (2) Kotex products, the liners were on sale for $1 each, so I got (32) boxes for free.  {I’m taking these all to the women’s shelter by the way – – I love it when a deal like this comes along and I can pay it forward.}  The new Yakisoba boxed ramens were on sale for $1 and I had 50-cent off coupons that were rounded-up to $1 making them free; think I got about 12 of those.  The toothbrushes were 99-cents, and the popcorn was on sale for $1 – – and I had 40-cent off coupons for those which were rounded-up to $1 making them free too.  Love me some free. 


More Halloween candy.  Can you ever have too much?  I guess you can of the good stuff because then you end up eating it, right?  And that’s bad…in a good kinda way – heh.  These were regularly $3.99 (rip-off – seriously, who pays these prices??), and then there was an in-ad in-store coupon making them $1.99 each.  That’s a decent price.  But then!  There were 50-cent off peelies on each bag that were then rounded-up to $1 making each bag 99-cents.  Now that’s hot.  I got (22) bags.  I think I’m good on Halloween candy now for both home and goodie bags for the kids’ classes.  And on the cheap no less.


New pasta that cooks in 3 minutes.  Seriously?  I might start cooking if they’re gonna make it that easy for me – LOL  They were regularly priced at $1.99, on sale for $1.59, and then I had 50-cent off coupons to round up to $1 making them 59-cents each.  A good deal, but not a hot deal.  But I’m all about convenience.  And the thing that gets me is that now they are on sale for $1 and doublers are out again today so these would be free – GAH!  Aren’t those lil’ Sponge Bob soaps cute?  $2.99 each for cuteness.  But they were on Bonus Buy for $1.29 each and I had 35-cent off coupons that were rounded up to $1 making them 29-cents each.  That’s a 90% savings on cuteness right there.  And then the yeast.  Regular price on these is $2.89 – for real??  They were on sale for $1.69 and I had 35-cent off coupons that were rounded-up to $1 making them 69-cents each.  But then! – because my Albies workers {heart} me as much as I {heart} them, the girl told me that if I waited ’til tomorrow, a 50-cent off Catalina prints off for each one…and it did.  So I scored (19) packs of yeast for 19-cents each (a 94% savings).  Oooo….fresh, hot baked bread in the fall and winter is coming soon to a house near me!


And last but not least….we’ve got a roll of Bounty that I only had (1) coupon for.  Not sure where that one came from because I usually have multiple sets from the Sunday papers.  (1) coupon?  Really?  Odd.  Anyway.  It was a lowly 25-cent off one….rounded-up to $1 so I got this one roll of paper towels for 25-cents.  The Palmolive was regularly $1.99 on sale for $1.29 and with my rounded-up  25-cent off coupons, they were 29-cents each; I got 9 of them.  Tylenol liquid – it’s that season, girls.  This stuff costs $7.99.  It was on sale for $4.99.  I had $2-off coupons making them $2.99 each AND I got a $2 Catalina on each one making them 99-cents each.  That’s an 88% savings on wellness right there. 


Whew.  A busy 10 days.  And as I mentioned:  doublers are in the paper today!  I’m tired.  But here’s a little tip – if you don’t subscribe to your local newspaper, you should.  You will pay for your subscription several times over with the money you save on your food and grocery bill.  A lot of papers have a Sunday-only subscription if you’re one of those people that doesn’t have the time to read the paper every day.  The Idaho Statesman has a deal where for just a few bucks per week you can get (5) Sunday papers delivered to you week in and week out.  That’s 5 coupons for each item that you can score a good deal on.  My number one tip for couponing:  subscribe to the newspaper…at least the Sunday paper if nothing else.


7 Responses to Adventures in couponing.

  1. LorraineN

    GAH, I still can’t believe your coupon adventures! How do those stores “make” money when most of it ends up free or ridiculously low-priced? We don’t have those kind of coupons or stores here. so yeah, i’m the idiot buying the full-priced candy, LOL!

  2. Heather

    Always impressive…and I’m sure you’ll be the women’s shelter’s new BFF. Love the newspaper plug too. I hope they give you some commission on the subscriptions. 😀

  3. LorraineN

    Thanks so much for emailing me that website! I never know where to find these things. Woohoo – maybe I can start having some coupon adventures of my own! Thanks again!

  4. kathy blue

    very interesting…can you use a coupon more than once? and btw, wish we had that store called Albertsons..I’d rack up..our grocery store does not do any rounding cause they are crooks with high prices…and def would not be buying candy b4 Halloween, it’d never last that long since peanut M & Ms are my favorite!

  5. Michelle

    Hi, Kate – – you still haven’t e-mailed me your mailing addy to get your package out! Anyway, no, you can’t use a coupon more than once. One item/one product. I have multiple coupons which is why I say subscribe to several copies of the Sunday newspaper. You can also buy coupons on Ebay.

  6. Connie Conlon

    Hi Michelle,
    Loved the post on couponing. I also shop at Albersons and try to use coupons and doublers. I haven’t as yet heard of rounding. I live in Spokane, WA and was wondering what part of Idaho you live in? Hopefully the rounders will come here soon.

  7. Michelle

    Hi, Connie – – I’m in Boise. We tend to be a test market for a lot of things like new products….and I think with the Albertsons round-up program too. I have to say I am about 50/50 on which I like better – the doublers or the round-ups. I think I am leaning towards the round-ups though because I get a lot more free with that.

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