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Christmas Eve is 3 weeks from today, y’all!
Are you ready?  I’m pretty dang close to being ready.  A tad bit behind where I want to be by now, but we went to California for 9 days so that took a chunk out of my plans.  But it was totally worth it because we had a fabulous time with the family there.
I’m back today with a canvas I made recently which paired goods from Hazel & Ruby along with Fancy Pants Design’s Oh, Deer! collection.  Hands down my most favorite product pairing as I am a super fan of both companies.  I decided to make some holiday home decor, so let’s walk through how I did it.

1.  Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to an art canvas, and adhere patterned paper to it.

2.  Position your Holiday Shapes, Words & Quotes stencils where you want your impression to be.


3.  Cover patterned paper in craft paint.


4.  Go over paint with a baby wipe and rub off to show off that gorgeous patterned paper in the background.


5.  Spritz some Sheer Shimmer Spritz (by Tsukineko) in gold, and then in silver, and again, rub some in and off with a baby wipe.


6.  Using a craft file, go around the edges of the patterned paper and rub off some.  It’ll come off pretty easy because it’s wet, so start slowly so as not to take off more than you want to.


7.  Heavily Mod Podge the edges of the patterned paper.


8.  Allow to dry completely, and then outline your stencils in a coordinating dark Sharpie.


9.  Remove your stencils, and apply another layer of Mod Podge.


10.  Embellish with ribbon, bells, pins, coordinating Oh, Deer! tags, and sequins.



11.  Hang it up on your yellow wall and try not to remind yourself that you shouldn’t have painted your walls yellow.
* giggles *


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