Crafty Christmas Wrap.

Posted by Michelle on December 24th, 2014 . Filed under: Christmas, Design Team Work, Gift Packaging, Hazel & Ruby .

(This is a re-post of my project up on the Hazel & Ruby blog today.)

Happy Holidays, Hazel & Ruby Fans!
I’m up today with some crafty gift wrap that can be used for Christmas – if you’re still doing that – or birthday or Valentines or any other gift-giving occasion.  When I first met Hazel & Ruby, I was in love with their Wrap it Up papers just for wrapping paper.  The trendy designs, and the different textures were so charming!  I’ve gone back to that love today wrapping a fancy gift with some fancy paper.


I bought some gold bow paper clips for my boss.  Gold bow paper clips.  Stop it.  Only Hazel & Ruby’s Glassine & Gold paper would do for such a fancy-schmancy gift.


And then I added a little strip of some Polka Dot Party washi to the front.


I added another little gift to the top and made a yarn pom pom to top it.


And here’s a little visual on how I make my pompoms.

MichellePhilippi PomPoms

Glassine paper, washi tape, a yarn pompom, and a Dymo-made sticker for the name.  Totally crafty-wrapped!


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