Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on April 20th, 2015 . Filed under: Couponing .

I’ve been out of the couponing game for a while now.  I think my couponing activity took a big decline when I had knee surgery last summer, and I never really got back in to it.  Because of all that I had amassed over the past 5+ years, we haven’t really needed much except for the basics like bread, milk, fresh fruit.  But every now and then we run low on something like dish soap, or as I found out this weekend – bathroom spray.  We cannot be out of bathroom spray like ever.  I refuse to live like that – LOL!  So I checked the Walgreens ad as a start to see if there was anything going on to help me dip my toe back in the water.

Free m&ms.  I’m down.  My kids have summer birthdays and I can do something with these.


My son will be 13 this summer.  He needs body wash 😉
And, it’s a moneymaker.
Pay $3.99, use a $2 coupon from the newspaper = $1.99, get $2.50 back = 51-cent moneymaker.


99-cent Palmolive.  Not the deal of the century, but we need it.  And I’ve got 51-cents from the Irish Spring going towards it so it made it 48-cents.


So essentially I got a big bag of m&ms, a bottle of Irish Spring body wash, and a bottle of Palmolive for 48-cents plus with the random Easter thing thrown in to make it all work.



When you pay with Register Rewards at Walgreens, and use coupons, you have to have more items than you have RRs & coupons for.  So you add super cheap little things to your order.  Like 90%-off Easter stuff for 3-9 cents each.


I actually had a great time couponing.  It was fun being back out there.  My daughter missed it too.  So mayyyybe I’ll be back next week with another couponing adventure.  We’ll see 😉  Have a great week!

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  1. lisa, too!

    Oh wow! I haven’t couponed in ages, except the occasional coupon. Great deals. And yes… I’ll try the crispy m&m’s soon. I sure hope.

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