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Valentine’s Day is this week and I’ve got some fun packaging for your heartfelt gifts.
These Casablanca bags in pink and red make wrapping up stickers for my kids a cinch.  I finished them off with gift tags and Divine Twine with a little stamp action plus some punched-out hearts that I made out of an old Victoria’s Secret bag.

IMG_1014 copy

Anything pink or red goes for Valentine’s Day.  So for larger gifts I used these polka dot Bigger Bitty Bags.

IMG_1017 copy

Walmart had these great little gift cards for Valentine’s Day and I love that you can add any amount to it.  Even $1.  These are great gifts for the littles – add a buck or two and they can go pick themselves up a treat.

IMG_1024 copy

I had some pretty heart paper that I used to wrap a square gift and topped it off with another handmade gift tag.
So fun.  And so easy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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