7 GOALS FOR 2019 – WEEK 1 OF 52

Posted by Michelle on January 8th, 2019 . Filed under: 2019 Goals .

Hey hey, I’m back today with an update on my goals for the year.  So let’s get right to it, shall we?

1 – Lose 100 pounds.   I’m down 2.6 pounds in 5 days.  I weigh every day (you don’t have to remind me that I shouldn’t do that because I hear it all the time) and I was down more, but then the weekend came.  My Sunday job is a 12.5-hour shift and even though I pack my proper breakfast, lunch, and snack, I get super snacky and hit the vending machine.  I need to do Sundays better or be even more better during the week so that the Sundays don’t take the number too far backwards.  Only 97.4 pounds to go!

2 – Read 4 books.  Nothing to report here.  I have 2 books, but I haven’t thought about when or where I have the time to read.

3 – Canning.  Nothing to report here.  I jotted down a site on how-to canning, and I need to find that.

4 – Bake a pie from scratch.  Not yet.  But I did bake a cake (from scratch) with prunes in it and didn’t tell the family that it had prunes in it and they. loved. it.  #winning

5 – Save $1000 cash.   I gave myself a running start on this one and had set aside/saved $40 cash in December.  And last week I saved another $10 by selling my kid a $20-off Vans coupon for $10.  Hell yeah I sold it to her instead of giving it to her.  I had to spend the money to earn it in the first place!  Only $950 to go!

6 – Self-care.   I started working on Valentine’s cards.  I sat at my craft table and played the Frank Sinatra station on my Echo Dot and it was delightful!  I also dipped in to the cosmetic bag that has about 30 different lotions and potions that have been given to me or earned as a gift with purchase and starting using some.  Soft skin is good, right?

7 – Do something with the blog.  Hi, 2 days in a row! 

I’ll catch you here on Monday with this week’s update.


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