7 GOALS FOR 2019 – WEEK 3 OF 52

Posted by Michelle on January 21st, 2019 . Filed under: 2019 Goals .

Hey hey, I’m back today with an update on my goals for the year.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

1 – Lose 100 pounds.  I think I’ve heard that if you are trying to lose weight, you should only lose 2 pounds per week.  So I guess there’s that.  But because I’ve got a lot to lose, more than that should be coming off each week.  If I’m being real good.  I did good at work Monday through Friday.  And I did well staying on track at my Sunday job too.  My first issue though was Friday night when I got in to some Trader Joe’s cookies we had hidden (and forgotten about) from the holidays.  And then there was Saturday.  Oof.   We hosted family dinner, so I snacked all day as we were cooking, and then at dinner I didn’t eat much of the good stuff, but I did eat way too much of the bad stuff like soda, chips, and cake.  My net loss for the week was 3.9 pounds.  Only 92.6 pounds to go!

2 – Read 4 books.  I should be able to finish Jillian Michaels’ Winning by Losing this week.  And then I’ll be moving on to a Judy Blume book I have.  I would then need to read 2 more books for the year, and I chose my third: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  My daughter was watching the movie this week, and she had read this book for school in the past.  I had heard the name, but didn’t know what it was about.  I watched the ending of the movie with her (so I already know how the book is going to go), but I’d like to read the book now. 

3 – Canning.  Nothing to report here.

4 – Bake a pie from scratch.  I’ve decided that I want to make a pie for Valentine’s Day.  And I think I’m going to do a chocolate pie of some sort because I can just make the crust, fill with the chocolate, and then be done.  This will help me master the crust.  Ideally the pie I envision for this goal is one with a crust, filling, and a top layer of crust.  I started a Pinterest board for pie recipes because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

5 – Save $1000 cash.  The pharmacy gave me – and charged me – 2 of the same prescription.  We gave it back, and they weren’t able to put the $20 back on my bank card, so they gave me $20 cash which promptly went in the back of the book where I am keeping my saved cash.  (I really need to find a better place to keep the money.)  Only $895 to go!

6 – Self-care.  I finally gave in and bought myself some new shoes.  I have some black shoes that I wear for work that have a giant hole on the outside of the right shoe.  And when winter comes, and I’m walking in rain and snow, my feet get wet.  I tend to make sure that my family has their needs met before I take care of mine.  But shoes with holes is just not a good thing.  So, I bought some new black shoes, these sparkly silver shoes, and a sweet pair of Vans.  I also dyed my hair and did a face mask.  And, today is a holiday which means a 2-day weekend that I rarely get so more time to do something just. for. me.

7 – Do something with the blog.  I’m still here.

I’ll catch you here next Monday with this week’s update.


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