Picture pockets.

Posted by Michelle on August 10th, 2014

My husband has some aunts in Wisconsin that I’ve seen I think twice since we’ve been married.  Once at our wedding, and once when we stopped there on a cross-country road trip a few years back.  But we exchange Christmas cards, and one of the aunts sends the kids birthday cards, and they ask my in-laws about the kids and for pictures.  It strikes me about once a year to put some pictures together and send them off to them.


I die cut these little pouches with patterned paper from Imaginisce’s Perfect Vacation collection.




And then I had the kids write little notes on them.


Finished them off with some bling.


And they are in the mail and on the way to Wisconsin tomorrow!



Still celebrating.

Posted by Michelle on August 1st, 2014

The last summer celebration for us was yesterday:  my son’s 12th birthday.  We take a break in August and September, and then party it up again in October for my birthday.  So here’s another celebration card featuring Fancy Pants’ Me-Ology collection.






Let’s Celebrate.

Posted by Michelle on July 23rd, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Today over on Instagram I am doing a #wednesdayword (something I started last week).
This week’s word is CELEBRATE.  And this is what I wrote to go with my Celebrate image:
Alright sisters, I’m back today with my Wednesday word #wednesdayword.  And this week it’s all about CELEBRATING.  Oprah said that the more you praise and CELEBRATE your life, the more there is in life to CELEBRATE.  Do you CELEBRATE yourself, how do you CELEBRATE yourself and others?  CELEBRATING isn’t just about throwing a party (but it can be), it’s also about praising yourself and others, and acknowledging how great you or they are, and how important you or they are in the world.  Go where you are CELEBRATED, be with people who CELEBRATE you and who you CELEBRATE.  Look in the mirror, CELEBRATE YOU, CELEBRATE your journey, your strength, and your beauty – inside and out.  It’s there, and we deserve that CELEBRATION of who we are from ourselves and others, but sometimes we are too busy, or too focused or preoccupied with negativity or insignificant things.  Take a moment to pause and CELEBRATE YOURSELF today!  xoxo

And here’s a little card I made that ties perfectly in to what is on my mind today.  Made from from Fancy Pants’ Me-Ology collection.
Here’s to celebrating today!






Anniversary banner.

Posted by Michelle on July 22nd, 2014

Today I’m sharing a super easy, but totally fun banner that I had up on the Hazel & Ruby blog yesterday made in celebration of our wedding anniversary – 18 years this past Sunday xoxo  I’m kinda showing these in reverse order, but I made this banner first, and then made my husband’s anniversary gift bag with leftover pieces from this project.

I was going to say that handmade paper bows are all the rage right now, but when I was searching online for templates, some of them were more than 3 years old.  So I guess I missed the handmade paper bow beginnings, but I’m all about lovin’ them now.  I paired Hazel & Ruby’s Wrap it Up papers in Crazy for Chevy (in coral) and Full of Heart to make my bows.


Traced and cut just like we’re in grade school.


Make paper bow –
Take the two outer tabs on the loop piece, bend them to the center, and glue them down.  (Normally I would glue down the center, but because I was going to run these through the sewing machine, I just dabbed a little adhesive on the back of each wing to adhere it to the bottom layer.)
Layer the loops piece on top of the tails and dab a little adhesive on the back side, just enough to keep it loosely in place.


Ohhhh pretty paper bows!  Love.
Note:  paper bow templates come with a little strip to adhere in the middle to give the bow that finished look.  I didn’t do that because I was going to stitch these vertically.  And then I ended up stitching horizontally and wishing I had the tab there.  Ah well, next time ;)


Look around your craft stash, and your house, and see what papery you can match with.  I am partial to doilies and cupcake papers – easy to run through the sewing machine, they are good size, and I always have them.  And my son punched some little hearts out of an old book.


And then I just ran my pieces through the sewing machine.  Sew easy.  har har
I used to punch holes and thread banners, but if you have paper items, or things that can go through the sewing machine, it’s way easier, and less time-consuming.








Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on July 20th, 2014

I love it when KMart has a double coupon week, because you can take the ad to Walmart and they will honor it.  And generally speaking, everything is cheaper at Walmart.  My husband and my daughter went to Walmart I think every day for a week looking for deals matching Walmart prices, with coupons, and doubling them for even more savings.  Around here, double coupons seem to be a thing of the past, so when we can get them and get double coupon savings on things that we use, or would buy anyway, it’s time to stock up.


White Cloud toilet paper.  $1.97 each, I had $1 coupons, doubled = free.


Tic Tacs.  $1.04 each, I had coupons for $1-off-2, doubled = 4-cents each.


The rest of the items, I just shredded the receipts, so I am going on their memory.
Final price per box of pasta:  44-cents.


Best Foods mayonnaise was $3.48, doubled $1 = $1.48 each.  We use a lot of mayonnaise, so saving $2 per while we could was smart.


$1.18, doubled 25-cent coupons = 68-cents each.  Again, we eat a lot of fruit (canned and fresh), so good to stock up with the double coupon promo.


This one is a little fuzzy on the pricing, thinking 68-cents for the salsa, $1ish for the pickles and 78-cents for the rice.  Either way, we use all these items, so getting twice the coupon value saved us money.