Watercolor on cards.

Posted by Michelle on March 9th, 2015

Today I’m sharing a little set of cards that I made using Everyday Shapes stencils from Hazel & Ruby along with some watercolors.

Hello There Notecards 8 02282015

I started by cutting 3″x5″ panels that would be card fronts for 4″x4″ cards, and then I placed a stencil right in the center of each.

Hello There Notecards 1 02282015

And then I just painted.  I’ve recently started playing with watercolors and I really only know one thing and that’s to swoosh the paint, and then another color, and another.  Someday I hope to graduate up to more technique, but for now I’m enjoying just playing with watercolors.

Hello There Notecards 2 02282015

Hello There Notecards 3 02282015

Hello There Notecards 4 02282015

Allow your paint to dry completely.

Hello There Notecards 5 02282015

And then remove your stencils.

Hello There Notecards 6 02282015

I added a little sentiment at the bottom of each card; and now my little set is ready to go.

Hello There Notecards 7 02282015



Kid DIY: Customize your cords.

Posted by Michelle on March 2nd, 2015

We started spring cleaning super early this year.  And this year we are all about de-cluttering, organizing, and making good use of the space that we have.  Between iPods, iPhones, and iPads we’ve got a lot of cords hanging around.  And my kids have this thing about them where they lose everything, and then blame each other for losing it blah blah blah.  Sound familiar?  LOL!  So to avoid that situation with some of the electronic cords, my daughter decided to customize hers so that no one can claim them as theirs, and so that they’d be harder to lose.
Great idea, and a super kid-friendly project!



Step 1 (and done):  Cut or tear pieces of washi tape, and wrap around your electronic cord.


She used Hazel & Ruby’s Fat Roll, Washi Tape – Crazy for Chevy Teals and some coordinating tapes from Scallop Away, Washi Tape Set – Colorful Ledgers on this one.


And on this one she used Scallop Away, Washi Tape Set – Swanky Solids.


Hazel and Ruby is announcing their 2015 Makery Team today, and I am so so so happy to get to continue with them again this year.  They are super innovative on the product side, and super cool on the people side!



All You Need Is Love – watercolor on canvas.

Posted by Michelle on February 18th, 2015

AllYouNeedIs 10 _ 0127215

I jumped on the watercolor bandwagon this week and created a little Valentine canvas for the family.  So let’s get to how easy it is.

1.  Lay out Hazel & Ruby’s stencil mask letters and press them down on your canvas.
(I used La Patessiere Alpha and Everyday Words.)

AllYouNeedIs 0 _ 0127215

2.  Paint with watercolors.
I had never watercolored before, well, perhaps in grade school.  And I bought an inexpensive watercolor palette at Michael’s with a coupon.  I just brushed side to side using white and 2 pinks going for that ombre look.

AllYouNeedIs 2 _ 0127215

AllYouNeedIs 3 _ 0127215

3.  Spritz with Shimmer Spritz to add some sparkle here and there.
Allow to dry completely.

AllYouNeedIs 4 _ 0127215

AllYouNeedIs 5 _ 0127215

4.  When completely dry, outline stencils with the Irresistible Pico Embellisher.

AllYouNeedIs 6 _ 0127215

AllYouNeedIs 7 _ 0127215

5.  After the outline is completely dry, peel off letters.

AllYouNeedIs 8 _ 0127215

6.  Cover with Mod Podge.

AllYouNeedIs 9 _ 0127215

7.  Hang on the wall and share the love!

AllYouNeedIs 11 _ 0127215


DIY – kid’s bedroom door makeover.

Posted by Michelle on February 6th, 2015

Oh y’all.  This is shameful.  But I’m gonna keep it real right here and now.
This is my son’s bedroom door.  12 years of his shenanigans.  And I am over it.
I knew it had to be dealt with at some point and the idea came to me when I first saw Hazel & Ruby’s new DIY Decor Tape.
A life saver.  (My son’s, not mine – ha ha!)

Wood Door 1 _ 02012015

We took the door down and went over all the stickers and other gunk with Goof Off and an exacto knife.

Wood Door 2 _ 02012015

And then we proceeded to beautify that bad boy.
8″ Americana DIY Decor Tape across the top and then 12″ Wooden Grain DIY Decor Tape down the full length below it.

Wood Door 3 _ 02012015

I found that pressing down and flattening with something heavy and close to the same width made it smooth out nicely.

Wood Door 4 _ 02012015

Oh what a difference!

Wood Door 5 _ 02012015

Check out the before and after.

Wood Door 6 _ 02012015


Paper Airplanes.

Posted by Michelle on February 3rd, 2015

This was posted over on the Hazel & Ruby blog a couple of weeks ago.

We’re kickin’ it old-school today with paper airplanes!


My 12 year-old son got a paper airplane kit for Christmas and it came with pre-cut patterned papers to make the airplanes out of.  We decided to make some to hang in his room, and use Hazel & Ruby’s Maps of the World Wrap It Up paper as he’s got this world and sun/moon/stars mash up theme goin’ on in there.


With adult supervision while he was using my paper cutter, he did everything himself from start to finish.




Once he had his airplanes made, he used a little piece of gray washi tape from Hazel & Ruby’s Polka Dot Party set to adhere some cord.


And then he just climbed up on a chair and hung them in his room.


Crafty, kept him busy, got him thinking, and he added some decor to his room on the quick, cheap and easy!