Happy Easter – card for my daughter.

Posted by Michelle on March 10th, 2014

It dawned on me this weekend that I am pretty dang behind on Easter.  I pat myself on the back being way ahead of the game for some holidays and occasions, and others sneak up on me and I don’t get all the things that I wanted to do done.  So this weekend I did the most important part – cards for my littles.

Ladies first, a simple little Easter card for my daughter.
I used Imaginisce’s My Baby collection for all that pink – and bunnies!



I decided to add a fuzzy tail after I had already taken the main pictures.


And since I really didn’t leave myself a spot for a sentiment on the front, I just stamped it on the inside.  Verve’s Happy Easter stamp has been my one and only Easter stamp for years – I just love it.



Butterfly Placecards.

Posted by Michelle on March 4th, 2014

Hey Hey it’s Fat Tuesday!  It’s my holiday, y’all!
I’m gonna eat ’til I pop.  And I ain’t even lyin’.

On the crafty side, I’ve got some placecards to share that I had published in the November issue of CARDs magazine.  My daughter was absolutely tickled to see her name in print (or digital actually).




Sweetest Thing.

Posted by Michelle on February 27th, 2014

Today I’m sharing a card that I had published in the November issue of CARDs magazine.  I took a break from creating for “the magazines” for a bit, but now that it’s a new year and things have settled down and I’ve done some decluttering of my life, I am getting back to normal.  Normal for me anyway ;)  Thanks for stopping in today.




Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on February 23rd, 2014

There’s been a lot going on with the Philippi family lately, but we still gotta eat!  Today I’m sharing some of my recent deals.

Fred Meyer (a Kroger store) had buy 3 Neutrogena soaps, get $5 back.  I had coupons for $3 off 2.  So I bought 4.
$2.09 x 4 = $8.36
- (2) $3 coupons
pay $2.36
get back $5 = $2.64 moneymaker!  (I did this twice.)

photo 2 1copy

They also had a deal on cereal.  $1.67 each.  I had coupons for $1 off 2 which make them $1.17 each.  Then I paid for 4 of them with my $5 from the Neutrogena.  Did this deal twice.  The Snapware was $7something, marked down to $6something, with an additional % off clearance making it $2.37, and I have $2 Snapware coupons = 37¢

001 copy

I mentioned before that Fred Meyer has digital coupons that you can load to your store card.  And there is a free item to download each Friday.  The yogurt was free last week, and the diet bars were free this week.  They had a $1 digital coupon for the popcorn which made it $1, and a 50¢ coupon off 2 pounds of pears, so I paid $1.26 for 5 pears.

011 copy

My son called me at the office to tell me that he had called up Target to see how much their Valentine clearance was going for and since it was 90%, could we go when I got home.  90%?  Oh yeah, we’re there.


I came across a slick little deal on cake mixes while we were there.  Buy 10 at $1.13 each = $11.30, use (4) $1 off 2 coupons = $7.30.  And then you get a $5 Target gift card back.  Do this deal again, and pay with the Target gift card.  23¢ a box.

008 copy

Ragu was on sale at Walgreens for $1.50.  I had coupons for 50¢ off 2 = $1.25 each.  Not a bad price.  But I also had $8 in Register Rewards to use – so that made them 25¢ each.  I needed to add 6 extra items to my order (you have to have more things than you have coupons for when you are using Register Rewards) so I found these Angry Bird freezer pops for 50¢ each.  A bit much for a filler item, but we will use them up in the summer time for sure.

012 copy

Last stop was the Walmart.  I made $1.02 on each protein shake pack, and 7¢ on the nail polish.  So I had $3.13 to play with.  Soy sauces were $1.52, and I had 55¢ coupons making those 97¢ x 2 = $1.94.  The biscuits were 58¢ each, and I had coupons for $1 off 3, making it $1.48 for 6.  That takes me to $3.42, less my $3.13 overage = 29¢ for all.

016 copy


A Miracle.

Posted by Michelle on February 19th, 2014


My little brother was in a car accident last week.
I can’t even really say much about it because the tears are starting to come.
All I can say is that he’s alive, and he’ll be fine, and that’s all that matters.
If you’re the praying type, say a prayer for him – and for my family, would you?
This year has not started off great for us.

photo 4 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy