Krafty Christmas Wrap.

Posted by Michelle on November 22nd, 2016

Thanksgiving is on tap this week which means Christmas is quickly approaching.
I’ve got some quick and easy krafty (with a K for the kraft paper bags) Christmas wrap to share with you.

Img_0487 copy

Plain Brown Middy Bitty Bags
Divine Twine
Colored Tags
Big Shot
Embossing Folders

Img_0469 copy

I started by embossing a dot pattern on my plain brown paper sacks.

Img_0470 copy

And them embossed a party flag banner on my colored tags.

Img_0475 copy

Just a few minutes of “work” adds so much character to these fun little pieces.

Img_0477 copy

Threading my fancy schmancy gold metallic Divine Twine.

Img_0480 copy

And now we are gift-giving ready!

Img_0482 copy

Img_0485 copy


Halloween Treat.

Posted by Michelle on October 25th, 2016


I’m back today with a little Halloween treat that I made for one of my good friends.  Halloween is her jam.  She’s in to those little candy skulls, sugar skulls, whatever they are called.  You know, those skulls that are all colorful and cute …. even though they are still a skull!  I picked up some of her favorite chocolates, and some cute skull tin candies and packages them up all funlike using pieces from Whisker Graphics like this super cool Divine Twine Twist in Halloween pattern.


Bags are the best for wonky-shaped things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some gift wrapping with boxes and paper too, but a bag will accommodate just about anything.
These Horizontal Stripe Middy Bitty Bags in orange and black are naturally perfect for the occastion.


I die cut a little banner piece, and the numbers 31 (for October 31st) in purple because sometime over the last 10 years Halloween colors went from black and orange to black and orange and purple and green, right?


I used a Large Colored Tag in green and layered fun bits with it using dimensional adhesive.  Dimensional adhesive is so great.  Adding spaced layers while being your adhesive.



And then I stacked my bags together, tied my twine around it, layered on my tag – and we are gift-ready!


Happy Halloween!


Couponing at Walgreens.

Posted by Michelle on October 16th, 2016

As I mentioned recently, life’s been a little busy lately.  While I still sale shop ads/stores, couponing hasn’t been a big focus of mine for a while.  But last week there were a few too-good-to-miss deals in the Walgreens ad that I just could not resist.

It all started with this Mentos deal.  I love it when new products come out because there are usually hot deals and coupons that come out to get you to try the product.  And I’ll try anything for free or super cheap.  Like these Mentos.  Stocking stuffers for the husband.  They were on sale for $1.99, and then you get $1.99 back in the form of a Register Reward, so free.  But then I used 50-cent off coupons from the newspaper which had me making 50-cents on each one.

Img_9983 copy

I took that $1.99 Register Reward, and my free 50-cents and put it towards these Colgate mouthwashes.  They were on sale for $3.50 and then you get a $2 Register Reward when you buy them.  So $1.50. I had a $1-off coupon, plus that $1.99 Register Reward and my 50-cents going in to it so better than totally free on these as well.

IMG_9994 copy

The Stride gum was a hot little deal too.  They were on sale 3 for $2.  So I bought 4 of them for $2.64.  I had coupons for $1-off-2 which made it .64-cents for 4 packs of gum (16-cents each).  These are going in to the kids’ Christmas stockings.  I used my overages and Register Rewards from above to cover these.

IMG_9981 copy

When you roll Register Rewards (use one to pay for another transaction) you can’t have more coupons than items.  So to avoid that, I added in filler items (find the cheapest most usable thing in the store possible).  School folders for 25-cents, 25-cent balloon toys that are going in to our Toys for Tots box, and iPhone screen protectors for 50-cents each.

IMG_9985 copy

They also had a promo for a new beauty program.  Buy beauty stuff and earn points.  I had originally said no, because I didn’t think I would benefit from it.  But there were no strings, so they twisted my arm.  And gave me a bag with a few freebies and coupons.

IMG_9989 copy

I have a $1.99 Register Reward left, and I see that this week Trolli gummi candies are buy one for $1.50 and get a $1.50 Register Reward back.  I’ll have to see if there’s something else I can pair that with (like the mouthwash deal) to roll the deal (pay for one with the other, go back and forth and essentially pay nothing but tax and filler items).

Have a great week!


Cheap & Easy Back-to-School DIY.

Posted by Michelle on October 2nd, 2016


Today I’m sharing a quick, cheap, and easy back-to-school DIY project to help keep the kids on task. We have a lot going on with school, church, soccer, band, jobs, friends, etc. so I thought making them a little “whiteboard” to keep on their nightstands or wherever they want to put it would help them keep the important things top of mind.

I picked up (2) 4×6 picture frames from the dollar store, and a pack of dry erase markers; and pulled out (2) 5″ x 7.5″ Middy Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics.


I used the picture template from the frame to cut by Middy Bitty Bag down to size.


And then placed them in to the frame as I would a picture.



I used the notebook pattern for my daughter’s, and the purple horizontal stripe one for my son as his school colors are purple and black.


These cost $1.51 each to make.
Bag: 26-cents
Frame: $1
Pen: 25-cents
— $1.51 each!


Have a great week!


Catching up.

Posted by Michelle on September 18th, 2016

Surprise surprise, I have come out of hiding.  I just finished photographing a project that I will be posting the week after next, but thought I’d catch you all up first.  It’s been a crazy year, people.  Crazy.

I got in to a car accident in March – right after dropping the kids off at school.  Traffic was stopped, and I nailed the lady in front of me.  Totaled my van, broke ribs, broke thumb, injured back, etc.  So there was that, and recovery, and court, and getting a new van, all that good stuff.

Then we decided that it was time to move my mom in with us.  She had some heart trouble last year, she’s 66 now, and we figured it’d be better to plan for it now rather than be reactive later.  So we built a new house – double the size of our old house, and I have my very own craft room – heh.  The new house is less than 2 miles from the old house, so no real changes – same schools, same church, same grocery stores, etc.

While all this busyness was going on, I entered in to the bariatric weight-loss program at one of the local hospitals.  I had been battling my weight and losing and gaining for over 30 years and decided it was time.  I did all the tests and procedures to get insurance to cover the surgery, and had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy on June 8.  The surgeon removed 75% of my stomach.  That’s a lot – LOL.  Recovery was longer than expected, I had to be on oxygen for a month and off work I think 3 weeks longer than expected.  It was not as easy as I thought it would be.  But I’m so happy I did it.  As of this writing I am down 63 pounds.  I eat a lot less (get full quickly), eat a lot better, and work out 6 days a week. S o that’s big.
Just as things were getting back to normal, I noticed that my insurance company hadn’t paid the surgery at 100% as they had said they would.  They told the surgeon’s office they would (twice), and I have the approval letters.  But no.  They said my plan only allows for $5000 of bariatric coverage.  And now I’m on the hook for $40,000.  HOLY SHIT, people.  I do not have $40K just sitting in the bank to write a check for that.  So there’s a little stress going on in these parts right now and I’ve been reaching out to various hospital people to see who or what can help me.  Yeah.

The aforementioned financial stress aside, we are all healthy and happy.  My girl is in 7th grade this year, and back in soccer so we have that every Saturday.  My boy is a freshman in high school and is in the marching band so we’re at the football games every Friday night for that.

My craft room is not put together yet – and it’s not going to be anything fancy or glamorous or cool, so don’t ask for pictures, ha!  But it’s a room all to myself to craft and wrap and blog.  And today I made a quick project in what space I had on my craft table (desk is being painted so I am limited on space right now) that I will share soon.

So that’s me.
Talk soon!