Thanksgiving Party Favors

Posted by Michelle on November 24th, 2014


Happy Monday!
I’m back today with some party packets that I made for Thanksgiving.  I always like to add a little fun to formal occasions – especially when there are littles involved.

I had some leftover pieces of Hazel & Ruby’s Wrap it Up in Glassine & Gold and Crazy for Chevy – Corals that were too big to waste, so I saved them for a small project someday – and today was that day.   I knew that I wanted to make individual somethings, and gathered up some crepe paper, Hazel & Ruby sequins, glassine bags, and some little wood remnants and started to piece it all together.


1.  Fill glassine bag with strips of paper, glitter, and sequins.



2.  Fold glassine bag closed, and then stitch crepe paper across the top.


3.  Top with a strip of Wrap it Up in Glassine & Gold, punch 2 holes, lay down wood bits, and tie off with crochet thread (or twine, or yarn – whatever you have on-hand).



4.  Fasten back side with a strip of Hazel & Ruby washi tape.


5.  Present in a fun fall basket with some more Glassine & Gold paper, and leaves from the front yard.



Personalized Wall Decor.

Posted by Michelle on November 20th, 2014


Hey look at me – twice in one week!
I’m back to share with you a fun personalized piece that I made to go up in my son’s room.
And let me show you how easy this is.

1.  Coat remnant wood piece in Mod Podge.



2.  Wrap piece (just like you would a present) in Hazel & Ruby’s Pass the Tissue in Ephemera Collage, and seal the back and sides really well.


3.  Place Hazel & Ruby Stencils in La Patessiere Alpha down where you want your impressions to be.



4.  Paint over entire piece making sure to get the edges all around your letters really well.



5.  Allow to dry, and then remove your stencils.

HRDRPwood8_10122014 copy

6.  Apply another layer of Mod Podge.


7.  Outline letters in black Sharpie.


8. Hang up on the wall and count the days until your boy knocks it down playing ball in his room * giggles *



Give Thanks.

Posted by Michelle on November 17th, 2014

Hey crew!  Long time no see.
I’m back today with another wood & paperie project to share with you.   As I mentioned before, we have a big pile of wood that we got for free on Craigslist.   And again my son picked out some good pieces for me to make something fun with.


Because we’re now well in to fall, it’s time for all those warm oranges and yellows and brown – fall – colors.  So I thought it’d be fun to pair Hazel & Ruby’s Wrap it Up paper in Newsprint Floral along with their Crazy for Chevy (corals) pattern.


I wrapped my wood block just like I would a present.  And gave it a good coating of Mod Podge.


And then I did the same thing but with the floral pattern.  I wanted to try something I have done on cards with 2 pieces of patterned paper and that is to tear one so that you have that torn edge and the second pattern peering through.  And then again, a good coating of Mod Podge.


And then I laid out my Central Park Alpha stencils.
Here’s a little tip for you:  lay out your letters on your base before you start your project.  I found that #GIVE TANKS fit well, but #GIVE THANKS not so much – LOL  I really wanted that phrase, so I smooshed the letters together a little bit to make them fit.  And then I covered my piece with some white craft paint.


I also sprayed some gold mist over it to give it a little sparkle here and there.  And then with a baby wipe I rubbed off some of the craft paint and gold mist so that the paper patterns could peer through.


From my last project I remember thinking that I wanted to add some ink to my project to make my letters pop more.  So with a baby wipe I rubbed some orange ink all over my piece.



And then I peeled my stencils off.  Love this part!


One more coat of Mod Podge to make sure everything is nice and sealed.


I wanted to add some dimension, and I had a spot on the top left of my piece because there were more letters in my bottom line than the top, so I made a little tag to finish it off with.  And then let it dry.  I love me some mixed media crafting but I tell ya’, waiting for layers to dry just drives me bonkers!


But in the end, it’s all worth it.  And now I’ve got this out for what is now the season of thanks and giving.



Halloween Candy Wraps.

Posted by Michelle on October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween!
Before all the fun starts today, I wanted to pop in and share some fun wraps I made for Hershey bars.  These were going to be sent off to the nieces and nephews, but they didn’t make it that long :|







I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.

Posted by Michelle on October 17th, 2014

I’ve got another card to share with you today that was created months ago.
Like yesterday’s card, this one too features American Crafts’ Dear Lizzy collection.