Adventures in couponing, giveaway winners +$10 at Hallmark for everyone.

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Happy Sunday, Dolls!

I went a-doublin’ at Albertsons this week and I’ll be goin’ a-doublin’ this week too as there are doublers in the paper again today!  *whew*  Saving money wears me out.  Anywho – let’s have a looksie at the highlights of my adventure.

Life’s uncertain, eat dessert first.  Which is why we’re startin’ with chocolate.  Mmmmm…chocolate.  All these Ghiradelli chocolates – bags and bars – were on sale for $2.14.  I had 75-cent off coupons, doubled them…some were off (2) and some were off (1).  So I got some of these for $1.39 and some for 64-cents.  Regular price on these was $4.29 by the way.  I love decorating these Ghiradelli bars for sweet little gifts (pun intended-heh).


Cereal – if you are paying regular price for cereal can I just scold you now?  Cereal is the most overpriced thing there is.  $4.29 a box.  FOUR DOLLARS AND TWENTY-NICE CENTS.  Stop it.  Stop it now.  Cereal coupons are the ones that I print out and clip out of the paper the most – and I just wait for the big sale.  And kids – my kids anyway – will eat pretty much any kind of cereal.  This week the Lifes and Cap’n Crunch’s were $1.99 each.  You can buy it at $1.99 and I won’t be mad atcha.  However, they were also part of a promo where you buy (10) boxes and you save $5 instantly.  So we’re at $19.90 less $5 = $14.90, right?  That’s even better.  But now let’s bust out my coupons – cha-ching!  I had (5) $1 off 2 coupons…I was allowed to double (3) of them per transaction so that took off another $6 taking us down to $8.90, and then I got my other (2) $1 offs taking us down to $6.90.  69-cents per box.  You see why I’m shakin’ my head at folks payin’ $4.29 a box?!  I bought (20) boxes to add to the stash.  I typically have between 75-100 boxes of cereal on-hand.


I like how my husband put the guacamole and the gum in the same picture – 2 things that do not go together.  The guacamole I had coupons from Facebook – a great place to score coupons from the food companies – for $4 off any (1) item.  They were $3.49 – NOT on sale – but it didn’t matter because my coupon was for $4 off anyway.  Got those free.  They only had spicy and me no likey spicy, so I gave ’em to my mom…early Christmas present *giggles*  The Trident gums were $1, and I had coupons for $1 off – double those and we’ve got a bunch of free gum. 


Crackers.  Probably the second most overpriced food item after cereal.  $3.79 regular price.  On sale for $2.49.  I had $1 off coupons that I doubled making them 49-cents each.  That’s a stock-up price in my book because I don’t know about your kids, but my kids eat allll dayyyy longggg so I need things that they can just go and help themselves to.


Look at that – we started with dessert and we’re gonna finish with dessert.  Sara Lee pumpkin pies were buy 1, get 1 free.  I had coupons for 75-cents off (1) – which I doubled.  So for each (2) pies I got $1.50 off.  Follow me on this one….$6.39 each for (2) pies x 2 = $12.78 for (2) pies.  Less $1.50 = $11.28; less $6.39 for my free one = $4.89 for (2) pies.  And then these lil’ Banquet fruit pies – have you had them?  Get the peach ones – they are soooooo yum!!  They are like those little old school pot pies, but with fruit.  They were on sale for 69-cents each, I had coupons for 35-cents off which I doubled and got these free.  Note I only got the apple ones on this trip so that I wouldn’t eat them 😉



Winners of the Burt Bee’s travel kits and $5 Starbucks cards are:  Heather, and Emily W.  Heather, I have your address, Emily – send me yours and I’ll get your packages out sometime this week.  Congratulations, girls! 

Hallmark is giving away $10 off your purchase.  So spend $10 and get $10 off = free.  Go HERE to get your coupon.  Says you have to be a mom because you have to put in your kid’s birthday, but if you’re a mom to your niece or a friend’s kid, it’s all good, right?



10 Responses to Adventures in couponing, giveaway winners +$10 at Hallmark for everyone.

  1. Chris

    Score!! Nice job, Michelle!

  2. Heather

    Another great adventure in couponing. Everyone at your house can actually have their own pie for dessert on Thanksgiving. 😀 Yay for me…I’m a winner!

  3. Stephanie Washburn

    Geez, Michelle! I don’t think I have an ounce of energy in my body for couponing! LOL! But I am forever in awe of you and your free food powers!

  4. BethieJ

    Michelle that is FABULOUS!! and THANKS for sharing the coupon on.. I got it… and shared it on my facebook with my coupon friends!
    Have a GREAT Day!

  5. Danielle Greenwood

    That is crazy amazing! I wish I could do this, seriously everytime I try I end up not finding what I’m looking for and spending money on other stuff. I’m coupon challenged.

  6. LorraineN

    GAH…ghirardelli!!!! Free apple pies and gum?! And whoa, 75-100 boxes of cereal on hand? I wish we had “doublers” here. And thanks for the hallmark coupon – maybe I’ll go get a new disney ornament for Xmas!

  7. Shelly C

    Great coupon Michelle! And look at the CHOCOLATE!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Congrats to the winners too!

  8. kristii

    Awesome deals!!! Thanks for sharing the coupon!!

  9. Jill

    a) please send me chocolate. b) wow–great deals! One of my New Year’s resolutions is going to be to start couponing again. Maybe you could give us a little tutorial around the first of the year? Pretty please? 🙂 c) thanks so much for the heads up on the Hallmark coupon–that will sure come in handy!

  10. kate blue

    our grocery stores are ripoff artists, they don’t allow double coupons over .50 cents…and yeah, I went grocery shopping (hubby normally does shopping) this weekend and why was Raisin Bran Crunch $ 4.69? I left it in the store…

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