I’m back…just in time for Mother’s Day.

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Happy Monday – and happy May! 
Life is slowly getting back to normal since returning from our cruise. And by slowly, I mean slowwwwwly. We got back Thursday night, went to work and school on Friday, had a soccer game Friday night too, and have been wading through laundry and to-do list items ever since. I cranked out a bunch of cards for publications, have the kids living off ramen as I didn’t go grocery shopping until last night – just a few essentials like milk until I get my coupon bearings back – we even made a visit to the emergency room this weekend. I’ll share pictures soon (of the cruise, not the emergency room) – food seems to be a crowd pleaser – as soon as I get the pictures off the camera….and edit them…and I guess find the camera. I need a vacation *giggles*
Anywho – Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday and I’ve got a couple of cards made special for dear ol’ mom.

It would seem that I am on a pocket card kick lately for here I am with one again.  I love being different every now and then and giving a card in a little glassine bag or some sort of pouch instead of the standard envie, and these lil’ kraft bags go so well with the vintage feel that you get with with anything from Glitz.  I took a vintage paper layer from the Laced With Grace collection and then layered on some transparent Peek-A-Boos from that same collection along with one from Afternoon Muse.


And then I stamped a simple “mother” inside this pretty transparent Glitzer.


My card is a clean canvas of some cream cardstock with inked edges tied off with some Glitz tulle.


And yes, again with the Peek-A-Boo banners.  I can’t stop loving these!


On my second card I went back a collection to Scarlett because I happen to have a little redheaded boy and I had to have him on a Mother’s Day card.  So I cut him out of a Scarlett paper layer.  I coordinated the orangeyness with some fun Polka Dot paper from the Love Nest collection, made my simple sentiment from Glitz Teeny Alphas and showed off his little flower with some glitter.


Mother Pocket Card
Glitz Design “Laced With Grace” Paper Layer
Glitz Design “Laced With Grace” Glitzer
Glitz Design “Afternoon Muse” & “Laced With Grace” Peek-A-Boos
Glitz Design Tulle

Mommy Card
Glitz Design “Love Nest” Patterned Paper: Polka Dot
Glitz Design “Scarlett” Paper Layer
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha Stickers


7 Responses to I’m back…just in time for Mother’s Day.

  1. Chris

    I hope the ER visit was a simple one! ER visits are never good… I hope your normal returns soon!

    Love that little red headed boy card. It is just stunning with that vertical ribbon.

  2. Anna

    Welcome back! I hope everything is okay on your end!
    Your cards are so fun and interesting! I love all of the texture and that cute little red headed boy!

  3. Karen Corbett

    Welcome back, Michelle. glad you enjoyed your cruise – the ‘coming home’ part is always difficult!! Your Mother’s Day cards are beautiful; my fav is that little boy with the “mommy” sentiment panel – really pulls at the heart strings! Have a great week.

  4. kelly

    your cards are beautiful. i am just in awe of the way you manage to layer everything to make it look as if it belongs ‘there’ and nowhere else. hope things return to normal soon. soccer has started here, too, and man, what a rush some evenings have become!

  5. Nancy

    I can see why you are loving those peek-a-boo banners. They add such visual texture to the card without overwhelming it, and they allow you to bring in those other beautiful elements. I agree with Karen that the little boy and mommy are tearjerkers.
    Hope things settle in place quickly and that your trip to the ER was precautionary.

  6. LorraineN

    Welcome back! Hope you had a nice relaxing trip. I think I need a vacation after reading your post, though, lol. ER? Not one of the little ones? Oh and gorgeous cards!

  7. Jessie McLaughlin

    Glad to hear things are getting back to normal! Sorry you all had to make a trip to the ED. Yucky place! Hope you waded through the laundry! Great card! I love the colors and the rhinstone frame is great! The peak a boo banner is great!

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