A journal, a movie, and a sale.

Posted by Michelle on June 30th, 2011 . Filed under: Design Team Work, GCD Studios, Glue Dots, It's in the Bag! .

Hello, hello! Hobblin’ back to share a lil’ journal I made for a birthday party that my daughter went to.  
My friends over at GCD Studios sent me a bunch of really cool stuff to work with from their Funhouse and Soul Food collections.  Really incredible stuff with equally incredible embellishments. I used it to create this first of my two Glue Dots projects for the month – one more coming tomorrow 😉





And then remember the other day I was talking about the Redbox movies that I’d seen? 
Sweet little Jasmine down in SoCal recommended this movie.

Image1 copy

Watched it last night with my husband.
Ummm….let’s just say I’mma be stickin’ to my chick flicks; scaaaaaary!
Good, but scary. So if you’re in to having the crap scared out of you – enjoy!

And just a few more days to get in on my shoppe sale.


Place an order between now and July 4th, and 30% of your pre-ship price will be refunded to you.


7 Responses to A journal, a movie, and a sale.

  1. Kerri M.

    We rented this movie, and I had to turn it off halfway though. Too scary for me LOL! Your card is FABULOUS! I just love all the fun details and hopefully Sydney did too:)

  2. Jen

    *Thud* *rubs head* Yes that was me being bowled over…again! Michelle this is totally awesome! Girl, how do you do it! So on point, so perfect!

  3. Karen Corbett

    Love the little circus image – so sweet. The orange details are so rich and festive!! Hope your knee is progressing and you won’t be hobbling for long!!

  4. Margaret M

    Michelle I always love looking at your cards. You are the Queen of embellishments! Love scarey movies but not the kind that is so scarey you can’t sleep from fear the boggy man is going to get you!

  5. Leigh Ann Baird

    I’m totally into getting the crap scared out of me! The guy at the post office (we were acquaintances when we were kids) told me to watch this movie and I forgot all about it. Going to add it to my netflix queue so I don’t forget. I love Ian McShane too but not as much as I love your project! Hope your knee is improved!

  6. LorraineN

    Ooh, I so love this notebook! The colors and the gorgeous embellies & details…and the white paint swiping. Gorgeoussimo!

  7. Jill

    Love this journal, Michelle! Happy colors–white paint–doily–circus . . . so cool! I use the little one you made me to take sermon notes in church . . . and to jot card ideas (shh!!!!). 🙂

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