Just a few old cards.

Posted by Michelle on August 3rd, 2011 . Filed under: Cards, Glitz Design, Thank you .

Happy Halfway-There Day!
I’m still off work so I’m having a hard time keeping up with what day of the week it is.  Crossing my fingers that I get to go back next week though.  7 days has turned in to 7 weeks and I’ll tell you what, staying home alone all day is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Anywho….  I’ve got some old old old Glitz cards to share with you that for one reason or another I never did post here.  I’m partial to the middle one.  Think that would be fabby for a July birthday.  Which is too late for that now.  And I’m not even sure where this card is…?  Ah well.

Have a good day!





8 Responses to Just a few old cards.

  1. Marybeth L.

    Lovely fun bright cards!

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Great cards Michelle! I think the first one is my favorite! Hope you get to go back to work soon!

  3. Anne B

    Fabby cards Michelle. Tough choice, but I think the middle one is my fave too. So sorry you’ve had such a hard time since the surgery – fingers crossed that you can go back to work next week. Have a great weekend!

  4. Jill

    I agree, Michelle, that middle card would make a wonderful July birthday card! Since it’s too late for this year, you have 11 months to save it and forget where you put it! ;-D Now, I know I’ve said before that 7 weeks home alone = heaven for me, but I do understand that for others it’s completely different, so for your sake, I hope you get to go back to work next week! And have to work overtime! Okay, maybe not that last part. ;->

  5. Lisette

    beautiful cards. I love the first one with the little girls on. I hope you get to go back to work next week

  6. Anna Was

    Great cards! Love the rhinestones. Hope you get back to work soon!

  7. Margaret M

    Hey Michelle, All the cards are great! My fave is the first one. Hope you get to go back to work soon but in the mean time…enjoy!

  8. Jen Adcock

    Wolf whistles. There are amazing! My favorite though is the second one. This is so gorgeous! The colors and the truncated banner and near cubist rose are so so so cool. Love. Love. Love.

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