Black Friday.

Posted by Michelle on November 25th, 2011 . Filed under: Birthday, Cards, Prima .

Need a neat, free Christmas gift? 
Go to and create an 8×10 collage print.  Upload your pictures, use code RGIFT2U, pick it up in the store and you pay $0.  Find any ol’ frame, and you’ve got yourself a super cheap gift for Grandma & Grandpa!  Today is the last day.

Because it’s Black Friday, I thought it only appropriate to share some blackish cards.  I think these are the last 2 Prima cards you will ever see from me.  Like ever.  As I mentioned before, I don’t feel their papers anymore.  Although now that I just typed all that I seem to remember making something with their Nordic-looking Christmas collection, so there may be more coming.  But after that – I am done!  Oh, and to the lady who won the giveaway of my Prima stuff – I haven’t forgotten you 😉




3 Responses to Black Friday.

  1. Lara Carson

    very pretty cards!

  2. Cheryl Hutcherson

    No worries…it’s a busy time….it’ll be a pleasant surprise when it does come. 🙂
    Thanks Michelle…and these cards are lovely!

  3. LorraineN

    These are pretty! I have black/white pads that I haven’t touched, too. eek. And you went shopping on Thanksgiving day and today? I hate the crowds, madness. I did do some computer shopping, though – with coffee and pie in hand – more my speed, lol! Have a great weekend!

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