Adventures in Couponing.

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It’s Sunday funday and I’m back with more couponing adventures.  And this particular Walmart trip was no exception. 
So I profile cashiers, I ain’t gonna lie.  I can just tell who will know how to do the double coupons and be quick on the math and who will need to use the calculator or who won’t get the right answer even with a calculator.  And there’s this one girl at the Walmart who is really good.  Thing is – she doesn’t like me.  She’s all nice to everyone else, but I come up there and she doesn’t even greet me.  I think it’s because I was in there getting Halloween clearance and they had a bunch of BSU costumes under the 75%-off sign and she told me it didn’t count because it was BSU.  And I’m like it’s with the sign?  So I asked for a manager who honored it – hi, there were 100 of these things with the sign.  So they did, and off I went.  But ever since then, she’s got no love for me.  ANYWAY!  So she was the only checkstand open this day and I was hesitating going to her so the manager tells me that #8 just opened.  I look at the cashier and I just know she is not going to be able to do this.  I’m all nice and ask her if she can do double coupons and she’s like oh yes, of course.  Great.  But no.  She buggered up everything and took forevvvverrrrr.  And as I’m looking at my receipt now, she didn’t scan 3 coupons to the tune of $1.85 they owe me.  Irritating.  Alright, rant over, and on with the save.

Hormel meat loaves were $4.98, doubled $1 and got them for $2.98 each.  $5.96 for after-church lunch for us and my mom is way cheaper than going out.  Weight Watchers cream cheese tubs were not the greatest deal but sometimes you gotta pay a little more to save on fat-friendly items.  So this is one of the items she screwed me on – they were supposed to end up $1.39 each but she charged me $1.64 each by not using my double coupon.  The Philadephia Cooking Cremes – if you haven’t had these, you really should because they are GRUBBIN’ – were B1G1 so down to $1.24 each.  The Lloyd’s ribs were $5.98 and I had a $2-off coupon that made them $3.98 – my husband loves these and they are spendy, but good.  The Fleischmann’s yeasts were 4-cents each after coupons and doublers.  And the Ghirardelli peppermint barks for my husband’s stocking were 1-cent because of the wackadoodle way she rung them up.

016 copy

If you go to and click on Our Brands, you can find some coupons for some of their products.  I printed out (2) coupons for the Las Palmas sauce which when doubled made them free, and (2) coupons for the Underwood deviled ham which made them free after doublers too.  And the Libby’s fruit were $1.12 each, doubled $1-off-2 and got these for 12-cents each.  I have more coupons for these but these are popular with couponers right now and they are always out or low on inventory when I get there.

008 copy

I know some hardcore couponers have a price per roll of toilet paper or price per roll of paper towels that they use as their threshold/stock-up mark.  I don’t have that yet but probably should establish it.  I paid 50-cents a roll here after coupons and doublers and thought that was a good enough deal.  The Vanity Fair napkins were 87-cents each after coupons & doublers.  Actually that is what they were supposed to be but she didn’t scan the double coupon on those either.

005 copy

Free band-aids.  LOVE free band-aids!  They were $1.50 each, doubled $1 and got them free.  She didn’t allow me to make money on these as I have in the past and I’m not sure if Walmart has changed or if it was cashier error.  Free is fine with me though.  Free floss too.  The kids have been nagging me for hand sanitizer that they can hang on their backpacks.  Finally found a coupon, and got these for $1.14 each.  And Ziploc baggies were 97-cents each after coupons & doublers.

012 copy

Nothing special about this, but I saw it and had to have it (for only $1.97).  My Yaya always had this pretty ribbon candy on her coffee table in a lidded glass jar at Christmastime.  I didn’t even really like this stuff, but it reminds me of her and don’t we always think about and miss our loved ones at holiday time?  I know I do.

021 copy

Slow Walgreens week.  The muscle and foot creams were $5.99 get $5.99 back, the cold sore medication was $7.99 get $7.99 back and the Soft Lips was $2 get $2 back.  So rolling my Register Rewards, I got this all free and only paid tax and a few cents here and there.

007 copy

017 copy


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  1. Dawn Easton

    LOL @ that cashier not liking you 😉 I have a few in stores that don’t like me either but I don’t care!
    Great haul again this week!!! Love that ribbon candy and it brings back memories for me too 🙂

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