Quick & Easy Christmas packaging.

Posted by Michelle on December 19th, 2011 . Filed under: Christmas, Design Team Work, Gift Packaging, It's in the Bag!, May Arts .

Up today are a couple more quick and crafty packages I put together towards my goal this Christmas of getting as many gifts as I could wrapped in some sort of crafty way.  I made a lot of gift tags, I made a lot of big bows to go on packages, and I used patterned paper as wrapping paper.

If you’ve learned nothing else about me from coming to my blog, you must know that I’m cheap.  Like really cheap.  So it shouldn’t surprise you that I bought my kids some Groupons for Christmas.  $6.50 to an ice cream/candy shoppe and I only had to pay $3 each – score!  The gift itself is just a piece of paper.  So I packaged them up all craftylike in a glassine bag from my shoppe and then topped it with a large image from Riddersholm Design papers, and then got lots of pretty texture with May Arts ribbons (sheer box pleats and  elastic plaid ruffle).

047 copy

052 copy

049 copy

057 copy

059 copy


7 Responses to Quick & Easy Christmas packaging.

  1. Dawn Easton

    Such pretty packaging! Love how you’ve sewn the ribbon on!! Beautiful papers!

  2. cjurek aka krillsister

    Very beautiful. Love the ribbon & lace as well as the embellishments. I hope your kids appreciate them. Much to pretty to give to kids.

  3. Anne B

    Love these! Anything quick and easy gets my vote too. Now I’ve got to find some bags….

  4. Leigh Penner

    Oh, what a great way to dress up the glassine bags! These are fabulous! TFS!

  5. Joyce M.

    So pretty. I’m sure they will be loved.

  6. Jen

    Maybe cheap, but still utterly chic! 😉 Gorgeous, just gorgeous I say! That gigham ribbon flounce is the best. Amazing stuff Michelle.

  7. Marybeth L.

    What can I say I just love all your cards! I know I say the same thing over and over but its true. Merry Christmas Michelle.

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