Money-Saving Monday.

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Happy New Week!  I’m back today with something new I thought I’d try out on the ol’ blog: Money-saving Mondays.
If you are a regular here on the blog, you know that I do the Swagbucks thing where I earn a $5 gift card every week.  I used these gift cards to buy Christmas presents for my kids this year and didn’t have to spend a whole lot of money.  I also am a pretty hardcore couponer getting things on the super-cheap and free and have created a significant stockpile for my family in addition to making large donations to our church and local charitable organizations.  We aren’t millionaires and we don’t have a big house.  My husband and I both work full-time outside of the home.  With what we save on groceries and gifts, we take a big vacation every year.  I don’t believe in spending just because you can.  I think if you can save, you should – and free up that money for something else.  I shop year-round and out of season for next year’s Christmas and birthdays (already have about 25% of Christmas 2012 gifts bought this weekend online ;)).

Because I work, and have 2 little kids, I am also all about convenience.  If I can order something online and have it shipped to my house for free, I’m all over that.  So Money-Saving Mondays are going to mostly revolve around  First off – sign yourself up for Amazon Prime.  You get a free 30-day trial of free 2-day shipping.  So you can stock up and get a lot done in this first month and then cancel before your subscription expires.  Or, you can decide to pay the annual fee of $79 and just have this be your all-the-time shipping method (totally worth it IMO).

And then, in the early morning hours before you start your day, or in the late night hours as you are winding down, come by here on Monday and see if I’ve found a little something good or cheap that might be something you can add to your food pantry, or tuck away for a Christmas gift next year.

Today I found some great deals for Marie Callender’s mixes that would be good to snatch up at a bargain right now.  You get 12-packs of them for $10.27.  However, you can get that price down to $8.73 (only 73-cents each!) by hitting the subscribe & save option to get the lowest price.  Don’t be scared, I do this all the time, I swear.  You mark subscribe & save, you get the lowest price, and then after it ships, you go back in to your account and you cancel your subscription.  It’s one of those no-obligation/cancel-at-any-time things that is offered so take advantage and get you some foodstuff on the cheap.



Marie Callender’s Biscuit Mix, 7-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)


….or you can get the cheese biscuits…..


….or their classic cornbread mix to make muffins….


….or you can be all healthy-like and get the multigrain muffin mix which I’m sure is quite tasty as well.

And since we’re saving a little money, every now and then we should indulge ourselves.  Like with something pretty.  Something pretty that comes in 13 different colors to choose from!


Shoot me an e-mail (link on the sidebar) if you have any questions!


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  1. Dawn Easton

    How totally cool! I don’t personally know anyone besides you that can shop and save all the time! Wish we had deals here 🙁 I’d be so into doing this too!!

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    What a great idea!! Looking forwards to see what you come up with!! I love my Amazon prime!!

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