Thanks so much.

Posted by Michelle on January 17th, 2012 . Filed under: Birthday, Cards, Gift Packaging, My Little Shoebox, Thank you .

I received some My Little Shoebox product in a recent CARDs payment box and I really loved the little silhouettes and the fun little girls so I played with this collection for a day or two making a couple of cards.



My daughter’s teacher has a Christmastime birthday and I figured people with Christmastime birthdays probably get screwed on presents or get birthday presents in Christmas wrap/bags, or get the ol’ combo birthday/Christmas gift, so I wanted this little gifty to look so much not like Christmas.  It’s just a box of Hot Tamales…that’s all I know about her is that she loves Hot Tamales – ha!




6 Responses to Thanks so much.

  1. Dawn Easton

    Awesome papers and embellishments! Great Christmastime birthday packaging. Yep…sometimes we get screwed with birthdays at that time of year….but as I’ve gotten older….I don’t care if we just forget my birthday all together 😉 haha!

  2. mollyritterbeck

    Love the buttons….love the birthday present – You are one of the most thoughtful persons I have ever met!

  3. Lisette

    Love your sweet happy cards.

  4. LorraineN

    Love the fun cards – the silhouette, the wooden spool thngy on the pin and the bright colors & pins on the little giftie!

  5. Marybeth

    Oh this is such a cute idea , what a nice way to receive hot tamales , my favorite too! Love that your daughter wrote on the tag.

  6. Jessie McLaughlin

    Oh my Michelle!! I so love the little girl shadow!! Great cards and gift wrap!!

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