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I  have literally been waiting for this day my entire life.  Seriously.  Forever.
I’ll tell you a quick little story that may be just a bit TMI but ask me if I care?  *giggles*  My parents split up when I was a little girl.  My father (may he rest in peace) lived in Mississippi, and we lived in California.  My mother shipped me off to Mississippi when I was 10 years old, on a plane, alone.  It was a little traumatic to say the least.  And when I came back, there was some plane trouble landing in San Francisco.  So being a kid flying alone, dealing with emotional crap from divorced parents, and plane trouble on top of that – I am now forever petrified of flying.  I have flown a few times since then, but I was mortified each time and it’s something I just can’t do.  So, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will never go anywhere, won’t see the world, and won’t get to have French fries in France 🙁  But then we started cruising.  We went to Alaska the year before last, and we went to Mexico last spring.  And today we are off to Hawaii on a 16-day cruise!

We’ll be on this ship – Holland America’s ms Oosterdam (just lettin’ you know in case something crazy happens and it’s on the news, so you can start prayin’ for us ;)).


This is the route we’re taking – we drove from Boise to Vancouver (Canada) yesterday.  Then it’s 5 days there, 6 days in the islands, and 5 days coming back.  Then we drive back from Vancouver to Boise on a Saturday just in time for my daughter’s First Holy Communion on Sunday morning.  I reckon she is going to be the tannest girl in the bunch!


I hear that the seas can be a little rough the first 2 days out and the last 2 days back, so I’m prepared for that but hoping it’s smooooooth sailing the rest of the way.  Mahalo!


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  1. Jen

    Aloha right back! Woohoo! I am so excited! So thrilled to see your post. Can’t wait for more updates. Don’t forget my Mohito!

  2. Anna Was

    Havea fabulous time….can’t wait to hear all about it! All that couponing sure pays off!

  3. Jill

    Woo hoo! So happy for you and your family, Michelle! This is a cruise (out of LA tho) that I almost booked two years ago. It didn’t work out but it’s on the wish list! You are going to have a blast! (Remember to wave at Lorraine, LOL!) Be sure to take lots of pictures of the food, uh–I mean scenery–and let us know whatcha did! Have the best time!

  4. Ryann Salamon

    I’m so jealous, I’m not even gonna lie! 🙂 Have a wonderful trip with your family!

  5. Dawn Easton

    LOL you crack me up! You aren’t going to make the news so stop dreaming of making it big….lol!
    I hope you guys have an AWESOME time and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!
    Too bad we can’t meet up in Van but we’ll be south to see your real soon!
    Happy Travels!

  6. Michele aka Derbylea

    Well have fun! Sounds like a good time (well except for the boat- I hate boats, give me a plane anyday) I love Hawaii! So beautiful and warm and fun. And to get to see so many islands will be great!

  7. Jessie McLaughlin

    YAY Michelle!! I hope you all are having a fabulous time!!! I have never taken a cruise before. I totally love to fly well I did before all this new stuff! I still fly just not as much! Looking forwards to hearing about your trip when you return!!

  8. LorraineN

    Ack – you left already? Yikes, this year is hell, I tell ya. If you are still checking the internet, email me and maybe I can drop some Hawaiian goodies off to you when you are in Oahu – not sure what day that is.

  9. Marybeth L.

    Oh my gosh, about all the flying alone… you poor thing. Your trip sounds like so much fun, I hope you have a blast. One of my daughters got married in Maui . Be safe and enjoy!

  10. Anne B

    Sounds wonderful – hope you’re having a fab time 🙂

  11. Dawn Easton

    Hope you’re having a blast!! Missing you!

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