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Happy Monday! 
Did you have a great weekend?  I kinda did.  It was busy busy busy.  I like my weekend naps and didn’t get to take one and that’s going to hit me today, I’m sure.  My daughter had a soccer game at 8am on Saturday so I didn’t get to sleep in.  And then she had a retreat at church that I went with her to.  And then yesterday we were at the store at 6am for another fantastic couponing trip.  But I got stuck with the um not-so-brightest cashier ever and we were stuck at the register for like an hour and a half.  It should have only taken a half hour.  And then yesterday afternoon we took the kids up to the tubing hill at Bogus Basin (ski resort) and this girl I work with talked me in to going down.  Oh. Em. Gee.  I weigh a little more than your average bird and I got in to this innertube thing and went down this gigantic snow hill track thing at what felt like 100 mph and when I got to the bottom I ran in to someone, went up on the embankment and then starting going back up the wrong direction – LOL!  My husband had to come get me and pull me up and in the meantime everyone back at the top is just watching waiting for me to get out of the way.  And then! – when I got back up to the top of the hill, out of breath and wanting to sit down, I got stuck in the snow.  I sunk like 4 feet in to the snow, both legs, my husband and like 19 guys had to pull me out.  OK, maybe just one other guy, but it was embarrassingly hilarious.  And today, I’ve got a sunburnt face and a ring of bloody cuts on my legs from that snow-sinking debacle.  *whew*  So that was my weekend.

Anywho.  So yeah, this card may say congrats on it, but I don’t have a Valentine card for my husband so guess what?  I’m gonna cover the congrats and put a Happy Valentine’s Day tag over it and give it to him tomorrow.  Or I can leave it as-is and have it say something like “congrats, you get to love me” – ha!



3 Responses to Congrats.

  1. Ryann Salamon

    I vote for ‘congrats, you get to love me’. You are too funny!

  2. Anne B

    Love the description of your afternoon at the ski resort. And your card is just what I need to brighten a boring Tuesday 🙂

  3. LorraineN

    Love the colors & design – and I vote to leave the congrats, lol! And what a ski resort story – ouch – hope your cuts are not too bad.

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