Valentine’s Day recap.

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I’m back today with a little Valentine’s Day recap of sorts.
I’ll start off by sharing the Valentines that I made for the kids to hand out at school.  And I’ll just be honest and say that when I am mass producing, I keep it simple.  So I die cut some little tri-fold cards, stuck a little heart tattoo in the middle with a removable Glue Dot, stamped a from on the inside and a Valentine sentiment with a to on the front, had my kiddies fill in their names and their classmates’ names, and then finished them off with some Divine Twine.

008 copy

011 copy

047 copy

092 copy

087 copy

For teacher gifts this year I embellished some kraft window coffee bags with Bo Bunny’s Valentine collection – lovin’ the purple in there – and then filled the bags with the teachers’ favorite candy, some Sharpie sets and some purple ballpoint pens that I know they love.

052 copy

058 copy

063 copy

066 copy

068 copy

075 copy

077 copy

081 copy

I mentioned before that big bling costume jewelry is my thing lately and my husband gave me this ring, along with another one that had a bunch of charms on it – love them both.


And then – this was the best – I am always teasing my husband about spending money on cards from the store when I make cards.  And then I even tell him that he should make me a card.  So he found this little Disney Valentine cardmaking set in my stash from like 10 years ago, and he and the kids made me cards for Valentines Day.  I love my little family!

003 copy


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  1. lisette

    Love all your sweet projects

  2. Ka`ili

    This is just grand michelle!! I love love love your valentine’s projects =) beautiful, simple, and well put together. I hope to try one of your crafts someday soon! And props to your husband for making a cute card for you!!

  3. Ryann Salamon

    The valentine’s are adorable and I love the ones you made for the kids teachers. How sweet that your family made you cards – those are the best!!

  4. Joyce M.

    Lots of fun Valentine goodness in this post.

  5. Jessie McLaughlin

    Great valentines Michelle! Love that your husband went in to your stash and made you cards! How sweet! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  6. Jen

    Oh my! The last entry is my fave. How beautiful and touching. I can totally see how that would have made you smile. So so sweet.

  7. Dawn Easton

    Love them all! Fantastic! Love that big bling ring too! Think I need to get into some costume jewelry!!

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