I Honestly Love You.

Posted by Michelle on April 13th, 2012 . Filed under: A Million Memories, American Crafts, Cards .

I love youuuuuu….I honestly love youuuuu….  Who was that?  Olivia Newton-John!  ding ding ding  Oh man I loved me some 70s.  I just Googled, and that song was from 1974.  Holy crapples I am old.  But anyway, how about a little card action?  Got a bunch of pretty stuff from Dear Lizzy’s Neopolitan collection for American Crafts.  Dimension, pearlies, stickers, hearts and staples – {love}.


Wanna know something else I love?  Strawberry cuppies from Hostess.  Just had them for the first time last night.  Right off the shelf at the gas station – fancy, right?  A 3-pack of the strawberry was the same price as the 2-pack of all the other flavors.  And I’m all about the deal, you know 😉  Thanks, Hostess for keeping me fat.  Good lookin’ out.



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  1. Marybeth

    Sweet card , and I too remember that song very well. I love sweets but can’t say that cupcake is one I would want to eat, never had a thing for them. Back to the card….love it!

  2. carol aka krillsister

    Cute card. Love the U cutout. That pattern paper in the background is awesome!

  3. Dana

    HA! You made me actually laugh out loud for real! “Thanks Hostess for keeping me fat” *chuckle*
    I cannot stand fake strawberry flavor, and am not a big sugar lover, so I think I’m safe but give me a bag of chips any day and I’m in heaven. *sigh*
    And thanks to you I have that song in my head now!

  4. Jill

    I honestly adore this card! So clever of you! (And how cool is “At This Moment Everything Feels Right?”) And you are not old. Olivia Newton-John rocks. Well, technically, I guess you can’t say she rocks . . . more like gently rolls. Except maybe Physical. That’s got a beat. Tacky as heck, but it does get your body moving! 😀

  5. Cassi

    lovely card!

  6. Molly Ritterbeck

    Great – now I have that sing stuck in my head!!!!!!

  7. Dawn Easton

    LOL I can ALWAYS count on you to make me laugh….thanks my friend!!!
    Don’t you LOVE those papers!! They are so pretty!!!

  8. Charlene Austin

    Lol…..you’re a nut.

  9. Tracy

    Love your cards made with the MME papers! So pretty!

  10. LorraineN

    Wow, so bright and pretty! and um, singing I honestly love you, lol! was it the cupcakes that did it? thanks for the enabling…now I’m going to look for these at the mart, lol.

  11. Jessie McLaughlin

    Yeah you are not old Michelle!! Cause if you are then I am too and I am so not old!! Love the colors you used on your card! So springy!!

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