Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on April 15th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

I’m back today with the second part of last week’s epic trip.  And I say epic because of this message we got.

0401120831 copy

Yup – bought so many things in one transaction (273 items) that we broke the register and had to start another transaction.  So let’s get started with what else we got on that trip.  OK, let’s start with a big ol’ couponing FAIL.  See those Glade things?  They were totally free.  But they are just the case, so I guess you have to buy the oil that goes in to them.  I’m not sure how much those things cost but I have a feeling this is going to be a no-use for us.  8 free Glade sprays, and 25-cents for the Renuzit Fresh Accents that I like to send in gift packages.  Hey, I’m practical.

016 copy

Free Hamburger Helper, free pasta Barilla, 40-cent Hormel Compleats that the kids don’t like because they have a funky taste to them so we won’t be getting those anymore, 38-cent Underwood spreads, and 12-cent tuna packs.

024 copy

60-cent Hinode rices – this brand is really quite good; and 30-cent Uncle Ben’s rice tubs.

027 copy

Free Las Palmas sauce, free Ortega chiles, 11-cent Nalley’s pickles, and 48-cent sweet chili dipping sauce.

030 copy

98-cent Wolfgang Puck stock, and 16-cent French fried onions.

032 copy

Free toothpaste, free deodorant, and free cat treats.  The Allegra was $5.94 and there was a $7-off coupon making these a $1.06 moneymaker.  I got 7 of them so that earned $7.42 going towards the rest of my order.

036 copy

17-cent Lava soap (went in to my uncle’s Easter basket), free pantyliners, 47-cent Charmin, $1 shampoos and conditioners, and a free Cascade pack.

037 copy

24-cent instant potatoes – quick side dishes during the week.

040 copy

And would you believe double coupons start again today?  Oh my.  Here we go again!


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  1. Holly Brown

    I love how you crossed your staples on the ribbon. So cute!

  2. Dawn Easton


  3. Valarie B

    love the butterfly!

  4. kate blue

    you make me laugh! Great job! We don’t have double coupons here I don’t think…maybe we do up to 50 cents but am not sure….I never wanna buy the stuff they have on sale 😉

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