Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on May 13th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Happy Sunday – and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!

I’m back with my weekly Sunday couponing post.  Now, truth in advertising:  this is from before I went on vacation.  I have not made one trip to the grocery store since we got back.  Which I guess is a testament to couponing and stockpiling because the only thing we have needed is milk which my husband has gone and picked up.  There were no double coupon promos this past week, but *fingers crossed* they are coming back soon because I am jonesin’ go get back in the game 😉

Alright – we’re starting with Albertsons.  Cat treats were $1 each, doubled $1-off-2 and they were free.  We don’t have a cat, but I found this place in town that is a cat refuge/adoption place and we are going to donate these.

006 copy

More Albertsons goodies – they had one of their promos that is a little complicated to explain, but you buy x amount of a product and you get x amount back to use on your next order.  And because the way it comes out is a manufacturer coupon, you can actually double what they gave you back. 
So – free veggies and free Nivea lip balm.

009 copy

And the big wahoo at Albies this particular week:  moneymaking marshmallows.  Ohhh yeah.  We are stocked for camping, and summer salads.  All on the free.  Again part of the promo where you got money back which you could double.  If I remember right I ended up making 80-cents for every (2) bags of marshmallows.

0004 copy

And then I took those Catalinas and doubled them and used them on things that I can’t get coupons for – produce – and things that were on their clearance rack – raisins, crackers…and we needed the sweetened condensed milk.  So all this was free too.

013 copy

And a small trip to the Walmart for free pads, free toothpaste, free Mentos gum, and new Nabisco thins that were $3.50 but I doubled $1 and paid $1.50 for each.

014 copy

These air purifiers were $15 and I had coupons for $10 off any…so I paid $5 for these. 
Thinking we’ll use one in the house and one in the trailer.

019 copy


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  1. Tiffany

    Wow you get an early start! Maybe I can tag along one of these mornings to observe and learn from the Master. :p

  2. Michele aka Derbylea

    My favorite posts of all! Amazed, every single time.

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