Grandmother – Happy Mother’s Day.

Posted by Michelle on May 14th, 2012 . Filed under: Cards, Grandparents, Lily Bee, Mother's Day .

Happy Monday! – did all the mamas out there have a great day?  Mine was kick back.  A little couponing and a lot of lazying around.  My son brought home a dead squirrel from the park “to get it out of the way.”  And the husband and kids told me to enjoy a Sunday nap – so I did.  And when I woke up, my son came in with shorts that had the entire butt ripped out along with his underwear torn up after climbing someone’s fence.  Nice.  Great Mother’s Day *giggles*  Hope yours was great.

So I have some more Mother’s Day cards to share still this week.  This card though, I have to admit – I lost it.  I actually really like the orange and pink thing, but I have no idea what happened to the card so I guess it’ll be for next year.  Cheers to the new week!



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  1. Marybeth L.

    Nice! A dead squirrel! Well, at least you got a nap. I see some stamping on this one 🙂 Beautiful grandmother card and love the way you stitched the ribbon on. Happy Mother’s Day a day late !

  2. Anne B

    I had a chuckle at your mother’s day experiences! Great card – love the crown 🙂

  3. Ryann Salamon

    I love the fun and bright color combo! Totally eye-catching, although maybe not if you can’t find it? lol 🙂

  4. Jessie McLaughlin

    Sounds like a great day was had by all!! Hee Hee!! Love your card! Love the zig zag stitch on the ribbon!! Very neat!!

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