Grandmother – love you.

Posted by Michelle on May 16th, 2012 . Filed under: Cards, Grandparents, Mother's Day, Prima .

Got another Mother’s Day card today.  I suppose this doesn’t have to be for Mother’s Day, but that’s what we used it for.  It’s so funny because I make cards, I refuse to let my husband buy me cards so I had him and the kids digging through my cards to see what they could use for me for Mother’s Day.  I got one that said “love you, forever” and a couple that were family-themed.  Kinda makes me giggle getting cards that I made.  But because I’m cheap like that I just am not cool with the expense when we have a freakin’ Hallmark store in my room.

Anywho.  A subtle, springy card for grandma.



3 Responses to Grandmother – love you.

  1. Abi

    I love this card, it’s beautiful.. TFS

  2. Jessie McLaughlin

    Love the birdies Michelle! You just crack me up! I love that you made your family give you cards you made!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  3. Monika/buzsy

    So pretty Michelle. Love the darling bird paper. The ribbon treatment looks great! :o)

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