Adventures in Couponing.

Posted by Michelle on September 23rd, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Welcome to another one of my Sunday coupon adventures.  This week we’ve got Walmart matching Albertsons’ round-up program, and their double coupon program.  BIG haul today.  So let’s roll.

This lil’ trip was with the round-up.  Reynold’s cupcake papers, 25-cents off rounded up to $1 off and these were $1 each.  I am a hoarder of cupcake papers.  Any and all.  Taco shells for 12-cents.  Free pads.  Free Poligrip for my uncle (got a free product coupon from Red Plum online).  Free Colgate.  Free Carmex.  And 18-cent pizza dough yeast.
007 copy

It seems like we went an extra week without double coupons or something because I had a lottttt of coupons this go-round.  So much so that I broke the register.  Again.

Red velvet cupcake mix for $1, bread for $1.08, more 18-cent yeast (mostly because my husband wanted the box to house them in out in the stockpile), Hawaiian rolls for 98-cents, and baked beans for 38-cents.
030 copy

My daughter spotted peelies on the Teddy Grahams boxes, so we got those for 88-cents.  58-cent Pop Tarts, free coffee, and free baby food.
025 copy

Totally free Pringles, 98-cent Anna’s cookies, and 50-cent Wheat Thins.
024 copy

50-cent Kraft bowls, free Hormel meals, free Hinode rice, and 50-cent Hormel chili.  Football, fall and winter.  Lots of things to stock-up on right now when they are on sale and have coupons out for them.
014 copy

90-cent milk, $1.50 butter, and 68-cent YoCrunches.
008 copy

27-cent IHOP breakfasts, 25-cent popsicles, 97-cent Drumsticks, and $1.50 pizzas.
002 copy

$2 hams, $1.50 Sara Lee lunch meat, free ground chicken, $1.87 sausages, $1.47 Lloyd’s tubs, free cheese!, 22-cent bacon, and $1-$1.50 Pillsbury roll products.
006 copy

98-cent Glade fresheners (these fancy kind are $5.98!), free tissues, free Dawn, free sponges, and $1.97 Cascade packs.
016 copy

$1 Chinet plates, 12-cent to $1 denture stuff for my uncle, 62-cent garbage bags, free toothpaste, free chapstick, free shaving cream, free hair gels, free pads, and $2.97 dog food for my aunt (well, her dog ;)).
022 copy

All the school stuff was on clearance for 10-cents.  So I stocked up for party goody bags, and next year’s school year.  Had a lil’ FAIL on the calculators.  My son chose the bling one for my daughter – nice brother for sure.  But he didn’t notice that the package was all taped up.  Which generally means it was opened/returned.  Yeah – it doesn’t total.  You push = and it doesn’t do anything.  At 10-cents, I’d spend more in gas to return it than what I paid for it!
011 copy

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  1. Marybeth

    Wow! I have a sister just like you ! 🙂

  2. Anne B

    Your couponing adventures always make me smile. Hope you had a great weekend!

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