You make my heart sing.

Posted by Michelle on October 22nd, 2012 . Filed under: American Crafts, Cards, Published Work .


Ohhhh what a busy weekend!  And we’re going in to a busy week.  I’ve had the in-laws here since last week, and my husband is still laid up with a bum leg, so that’s lotttts of cooking and cleaning for me.  You see, he leaves for work after me, and he gets home about an hour before I do every day, so he’s usually got dinner goin’ and whatnot.  I’m having to be all domestic lately and that ain’t easy *giggles*  And today starts my daughter’s soccer tournament so I have to leave work early every day to get there on time and then we’ll be having late dinners, and baths, and it’s just gonna be a crazy week.  And it’s cold!  Is the fall cool finally setting in where you are?  Last night I slept with fleece jammies on, got the flannel sheets & pillowcases on, put my footies on, and 3 big blankets.  Cozy cozy, but brrrrr!

Up today is a fun little card I had published in the August issue of CARDs magazine.  I love the jar thing and how trendy that was for a bit.  I even bought a case of jars to do some sort of crafty gifting with.  I think I’ve used one.  Need to bring that idea up to the surface.

Here’s to a great week!


4 Responses to You make my heart sing.

  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    Love that paper! I am a sucker for jars (as long as someone else is making them- I can’t make them work). Cute design!

  2. Annawas

    Loving all the cards that have been getting published! Love your creativity! Hope your week goes well…it sounds like my usual life but luckily for me soccer ends this weekend but flag football and basketball start!

  3. Monika/buzsy

    What a sweet card. Fabulous colors and papers. I love jars these days. Look at you, being published so many times! You are the queen of CARDS magazine! Keep them coming girl!

  4. Jessie McLaughlin

    Love the jars! Your card is awesome Michelle! I love the pattern paper you used! I love using my mason jars for lots of non jar uses!!

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