Adventures in Couponing.

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Couponing is hard work.  It really is.  My Friday night entertainment is blaring 70s music and clipping coupons and then organizing them in order of my route in the store.  And then Sunday morning up at 5am to clip the coupons from the newspaper, and get on the road.  And then once at the store, we’re there for about 2-3 hours.  Depends on how good the coupons are…..and the checker I get.  There’s this one checker at the Walmart who is really good.  Love her.  And then there are some.  Well, not so much.  It used to be the 4 of us going, but now that my husband has a bum leg, it’s just my daughter and I, and it takes forevvvvver.  Don’t get me wrong – for the amount of money I save/spend, it’s totally worth it.  But sometimes it’s downright exhausting.

Anywho.  On with the save.
Free creamers, 48-cent juice, 58-cent pear juice (yum!), 22-cent bacon, $1 cheese blocks, and $1.50 string cheeses.

022 copy

49-cent breakfast muffins, 75-cent Marie Callender’s meals (for my mom – I wouldn’t pay that much for us), 68-cent powdered sugars, and free olives.

025 copy

38-cent boxes of Ritz, 58-cent Jingos crackers, free Lindt truffles, and the BelVitas were BOGO coupons so $1.49 each.

021 copy

38-cent dog treats, $1 Ziploc bags, $2.34 protein bars, mascara for my mom was $2.44, and everything else was free.

018 copy

$2.97 laundry detergent, 37-cent tissue (for my aunt, I don’t pay for tissue), and the rest was free.

014 copy

Found this crazy deal at Fred Meyer.
Cover Girl make-up was $3.49 each.  Buy 2 = $6.98. Less a $3-off-2 coupon = $3.98.  And then there was a store coupon for $2 off each = all this for FREE!

027 copy

And free Advil from Walgreens.

029 copy

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  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    Wow so much awesome! Love the CG steal- great deal! Honestly it seems like a lot of work. Just for the piddly amount of coupons I take the grocery (because you inspired me) its a pain in the ass. I just dont have it in me! LOL

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