Adventures in Couponing

Posted by Michelle on December 16th, 2012 . Filed under: Couponing .

Today I’m sharing a smallish couponing trip doubling coupons at the Walmart.  We actually bought more items than usual, but we bought big quantities of several items so that’s what drove that item count up.

Like the Hormels.  Great lunches for my husband during the week, and for the kids on the weekend.  They were $1.98 each, doubled $1 = free.  But the kid I had this particular morning gave me overage, so 2-cents x 68 items made me $1.36 on these.  I try to tell them that they can’t give me overage when doubling, but they don’t listen to me.

019 copy

68-cent sugars, 8-cent frozen strawberry cups, 92-cent sweetened condensed milk (I can eat this stuff with a spoon right out of the can, yuM!), and pineapple that he gave me overage on so I made 16-cents.

023 copy

88-cent gallon of milk, $1.18 chocolate milks, Country Crock cubes that he gave me overage on to the tune of $4.62!, yogurt that I think he ripped me off on but with the overage I was getting, I didn’t care, and 68-cent Mickey Mouse cheeses.

027 copy

48-cent creamers, and the rest was free.

030 copy

Free olives, 48-cent ketchup, and 69-cent tuna packs.

032 copy

All free.

036 copy

This will be my last couponing post for a few weeks.  Oh I’m still out couponing (see below – couponing in a winter wonderland early this morning).  Problem is, Santa’s Workshop has taken over our very small house and I don’t have anywhere to take pictures.  But I am still out finding the steals and deals 😉


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  1. Holly M.

    Great post. So Walmart doubles?

  2. Marybeth L.

    Wow to the coupon deals you are amazing. Love your sweet card and all the other beautiful cards of yours I see in the Cards Magazine. How fun snow! Merry Christmas Michelle!

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