Thank you, Teacher.

Posted by Michelle on January 10th, 2013 . Filed under: Cards, School .

I’m back today with another teacher card.
A couple of things on this one…  Should “the bees knees” be “the bees’ knees” or “the bee’s knees”…different meanings, but either way, there needs to be an apostrophe, no?  I can add it with a pen, just thought of that – duh.  But I hate grammar/typo oops’ on papercrafting stuff.  Reminds me of when Cosmo Cricket had a Christmas sticker that said “I believe in angles.”  And My Mind’s Eye had a great diecut or chipboard calendar piece not too long ago with Decemeber or was it (Novemeber?), and then they had one on a sticker for a patriotic card that I made (and had to cover up).  Just kinda weird to give this card to a teacher who might notice the grammar thing – unless it makes sense as-is.  Oh, and the other part.  How about the @&!? – LOL – does it look like my card is dropping an F bomb there?  I thought symbols and punctuation marks made perfect sense.  But not F bomb.  So maybe they’ll focus on the apostrophe and not the F bomb 😉


Thanks for stopping in today!

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  1. Jill G.

    Hee!!!! Clever F-bomb card, Michelle! Your kid doesn’t like the teacher, right? ;-> Seriously, you’re right, the bee’s knees needs an apostrophe–either before or after the “s” depending on how many bees you are referring to. (Please don’t report me to the grammar police for ending the previous sentence with “to.”) 😀

  2. Monika/buzsy

    Such a pretty card Michelle. Love those square tiles…. and I didn’t even think of the F bomb… didn’t notice the typo either… but I am the wrong person for noticing… I like it… just the way it is…

  3. Dawn Easton

    LOL I think you over think things too much 😉 I’m sure they will appreciate the handmade card either way 🙂

  4. Michele aka Derbylea

    Depends on how many bees- are we talking one bee or two or more bees? The f bomb never entered my mind so I would say you are good to go. Cute card!

  5. Jessie McLaughlin

    Great card Michelle, but my grammar is lacking with the bees and ‘s!! I would have never thought you dropped the f bomb either!!

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