A couple of CAS cards.

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Happy Monday!
My goal for the new year is to get our house in order.  Our house….gah….boxes that we have no idea what’s in them…..places that need some serious dusting…..painting to be done.  I think when the kids were little I sort of let the house go – food splatters from the high chairs, writing on the walls, stickers on the bedroom doors.  I figured I’d take care of it all when they were older and not doing those things anymore.  Well, they are older now and it’s got to me – it’s time to get this house together.  So this weekend I made a to-do list and got all but 1 thing done.  Not too bad, eh?  Of course if you came over for a visit, you’d think we need a lotttt of work done – ha.  And we still do.  And my daughter put another sticker on her door this weekend.  So maybe the doors stay.  Anyway.  I had a productive weekend, you?

Today I’m sharing a couple of CAS (clean and simple) cards.  And I don’t even know if they really are?  Can you use patterned paper and still have a CAS card?  Honestly, I don’t know why I attempt these kind of cards.  They really bother me.  Like I want to add a bunch more to them.  And after this showing, I probably will – ha.  I tried them for one of the magazines.  But this style is just so forced for me.  No can do.



Have a great new week – I promise I’m catching up on blogs today!

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  1. Jessie McLaughlin

    Oh Michelle I love both these cards! The dog one is just awesome! Hope the house stuff is going well!

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