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Yay! – it’s the weekend, and it’s Spring Break too.  Although from this continued cold we’re having, you’d think it was still the middle of winter as it’s 24 degrees as I type this morning.

Up today are some bad pictures, and a bad card to go with *giggles*  Because of the bitter cold we had this winter, I did not venture out in to my garage where the light tent is.  So I made do at my craft table and took some horribly-lit photos as you see with these first 2 cards.

I happen to really like this party card and I sent it off to Tennessee for Leigh Ann’s mom (she’s getting 70 birthday cards sent to her for her 70th birthday – how fun is that?).


And I thought I’d throw in a picture of what I’m calling “ghetto masking.”  I covered up the “let’s” so that the “party’ would fit on my ticket.  I think you’re supposed to cover the paper part when you want to mask, I covered the stamp.  Whatev.


Cute card too.  Horrible picture.  Dark down to light.  Ick.


Better picture.  Horrible card – LOL  I got way lost in this card and it just got worse and worse.  And sometimes, I can save it, but this time, there was no saving.   I do not work well with big images on patterned paper.  I could have tossed it but thought I’d use it for a child’s birthday as they will not notice (or care) that this card is a complete trainwreck.


So that’s that.  What are you up to this weekend?

2 Responses to Party.

  1. Michele aka Derbylea

    I kinda like that last one! The tag is super cute! I have nothing but poorly lit, unedited photos on my blog these days.

  2. Dawn Easton

    I like them all! LOL at your masking! Whatever works!
    Enjoy spring break! We are on that here too. Too bad I could not get the week off or Chloe and I could have met up with you and the kids 🙁 Enjoy your time!!!

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