Adventures in Couponing.

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Happy Sunday!
We’ve got a busy but fun day planned starting with green waffles and green milk for breakfast.  Then it’s off to a screening of The Croods that I scored passes for (from gofobo).  The kids think they are so special seeing a movie 5 days before it comes out.  And then we’ll do corned beef & cabbage and key lime pie here at the house tonight with my mom.  Didn’t want to do the whole family as we don’t want a repeat of what happened last year.

’twas a pretty decent couponing week this week.  $34.67 normal.  $21.14 after my store savings card.  And $0 after coupons.

0313130728 copy

Yes – it’s all free.

007 copy

Albertsons is running their Round Up promo this week – coupons round up to $1.  So all these things were $1 (the yogurt was less), and I had coupons that rounded up to $1, which made my items free.

011 copy

So I went back again. $58.13 normal.  $36.78 after my store rewards card.  And $0 after coupons.

0315130748 copy

003 copy

Then I took the Albertsons ad over to the Walmart where they matched the promo.  I got everything free except for the pumpkin that was 40-something cents.  Pumpkin coupons are only for 35-cents, so doubling would make them 70-cents off, but with the rounding to $1, I saved more and got several.

012 copy

Went back there again and got B1G1 Del Montes, and the rest was free (I made 32-cents on the frosting flavor packs).

018 copy

New coupons come out in the newspaper today, so I’m sure we’ll be rounding-up at least one more time before the promo ends on Tuesday. 
Have a great St. Pat’s!

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  1. AnnaWas

    Love the pictures of the register screen.. how fun! Hope you had a great St. Patty’s Day!

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