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I finally bought in to the Birchbox craze.  I’m not even super obsessed with make-up and other cosmetics, so I’m going with guilty pleasure on this one.  How can you resist a pretty pink box delivered to your door every month?

021 copy

Pretty pink box, with a great kraft box inside of it.  Cost is $10 per month – includes the shipping – they could totally take $2 off the price if they cut out some of the frills, but I reckon that’s part of the appeal.

026 copy

Pink tissue, and a kraft pillowbox packaging more girly goods.

028 copy

And this is what was in March’s box.  Nick Chavez shampoo for colored hair (I do happen to color my hair), some face rejuv stuff (I am over 40 and probably need this – ha!), a perfume sample, cellular repair cream (I read about it, and I think my face needs this too), and a pretty nail file.

030 copy

The Nick Chavez product is $5.50 (I looked it up), so for the shipping, packaging, and the rest of the products to = $10.  Yeah, it’s a good deal.  And I’m already looking forward to next month’s box.  Go HERE to sign on for one of your own!

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