Adventures in Couponing.

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Happy Easter!
We were up wayyyy to early this morning checking out what the Easter Bunny brought us.  And the family will be here at 2pm for an Easter Egg Hunt and lunch.  I reckon I’ll be needing a lil’ nappy-nap at some point today.

But moving on to coupons….  Up first today is more stuff from Albertsons’ round-up promotion.  I took the ad over to the Walmart and they matched it, so coupons rounded up to $1 off and I got free mustard, 25-cent hash browns, and the frosting flavorings were free with a free coupon from the Sunday newspaper.

0141 copy

The shavers and Poise were $2.97 and there was a $3-off coupon in the newspaper that made these free, and Curads were free with the round-up promotion too.

010 copy

More free shavers, and frosting flavorings, and the tubs of frosting were buy the frosting and get the flavorings free, so I picked those up for my aunt (since I make my own frosting ;)).

006 copy

All free from Walgreens as I transferred a prescription there a while back and got a $25 gift card and then I used that to start playing and rolling Register Reward $ from week to week.  The Mt. Dews and Starbucks’ were 99-cents, get 99-cents back, the TriCalms were $7 get $7 back, but I had $2-off coupons, so I made $2 on each of these, and then the flashlights were 10-cents and the pencils were 13-cents.

005 copy

Same thing at Rite Aid.  I made money off some Snapware there about a month ago, and have been rolling +Up $ there from week to week.  So this was all free to me.

024 copy

But the best part is this little promotion –

Image1 copy

– I transferred 2 prescriptions this week and they gave me (2) $25 +Ups.  The catch is that I have to use the $25s in 1 transaction, so I need to study the ad and see what I can make the most +Ups off of so that I can keep playing with their money.  Worst case is that I will buy some things that we use like paper plates or bottled water, and pay nothing for it.

Have a great day!

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