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Yesterday was my Friday, and I celebrated by having what we call a “mommy juice box.”  Ever had one of those?  I have a drink maybe once a year.  But recently work’s been a little…I’ll say challenging….so when I got home last night, I imbibed.


And today I’m off.  I’ll be spending the day in the hospital.  I’m having a liver biopsy…and I’m kinda scared.  When I had my gall bladder taken out 4 years ago, the surgeon noticed something on my liver and biopsied it then.  They made a diagnosis, but I’ve had zero issues and I’ve been fine.  But because it’s been 4 years, they need to get in there and check to see if anything has changed (gotten worse).  So they’re gonna knock me out and put a tube in my jugular vein and all this wackadoodle stuff.  Freaky.  Scary.  And then the waiting for results.  Think good thoughts for me, would ya’?  Grateful for all you nice girls.


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  1. Laura Southam

    Praying for excellent results for you!


  2. terriavidreader

    I want to hear back that things went perfectly and the results are fantastic! Take a deep breath and hang in there!

  3. Jasmine Schwartz Luttrell

    Hey Girlie! Praying for you. Hope all went well, wishing you every blessing. Hugs from California 🙂

  4. Michele aka Derbylea

    Oh no! Liver biopsy does not sound pleasant. Will be thinking good thoughts for you. I hear you on those need a drink days although yesterday was so exhausting my drink was only half finished and I was out like a light.

  5. Ryann Salamon

    Hi Michelle! Just wanted to pop in and say I’m thinking of you and hope your biopsy went smooth and with out any hiccups! Keep us posted! *hugs*

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