Potato, veggie, and ham soup.

Posted by Michelle on April 6th, 2013 . Filed under: Food .

With the husband being out of town, that means I have to cook.  Because he leaves for work after I do, and gets home before me, he does most of the cooking.  I come up with recipe  ideas, and I do bake on the weekends, and sometimes I’ll do Sunday night dinner.  But he definitely does most of the cooking.  But now it’s all on me.  And today the kids and I were on the go with soccer and couponing, and a visit to my uncle, and other random errands.  So I needed an easy dinner.

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We had some potatoes sitting on the counter, bunches of carrots in the refrigerator, some leftover corn, a half a cabbage, and a few pieces of leftover Easter ham.  So I chopped everything up, threw in some chicken stock, and one of those Progresso soup starters – garlic flavored – turned on the crockpot, and off we went about our day.

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When we got home, the kids were starving.  I quickly mixed in a block of cream cheese to make the soup creamier, and served.  According to the littles, seconds were better than the firsts because the cream cheese had more time to incorporate and get nice and creamy.

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And now I’ve got peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip cookies in the oven.  How domestic am I today?!

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